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End of what? If I may ask.




a piercing


Hiding after hitting my target at Hokkaido rofl


Yep my tongue piercing.


Haven’t visited this thread in ages, and now I’ve finally caught up with all your Hitman-inspired photos @badeaguard. Impressive!


Thank you :smiley: I really want to make an identical cosplay some day. I’m trying to work out to lose some weight and gain some definition. I would like to do something really identical with blue eye lenses and have the eyebrows made just like 47 in Absolution.

Have you visited my tread about the Silverballer? That’s something I’m gong to be very proud of.


Finally got a new haircut. Before and after on Todds Barbershop thread.


Them some Nice horns! :nerd_face:


All I know is the Chicago Bulls officially suck right now.


Just preparing pig soup, wich means mixing water with pig waste to take samples for various tests:


sounds yummy :stuck_out_tongue:


Safety glasses and suave hairstyle :microscope::100::fire:


Delightful, take that glove off and burn it afterwards!


For what for? While taking the sample the pressure was so high at the exit that some of the “soup” ended covering us. I got some on my face and I’m still alive so not big deal a shower can’t solve. :bear::yum:


Heard it’s very good for your skin


Dunno about that but I doubt that pig waste (wich included wood pieces and leafs) that was in diggestion inside that tank for 28 days would do any good for your skin.


Just have faith


A strong faith like the one you have in RNGesus?


Faith, and a strong stomach man, don’t forget that top tip!