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Here’s my cat Meatball looking cute :stuck_out_tongue: He’s lived with my parents in law for the last few years (my dad has COPD so I can’t have him here). It’s been hard and I miss him so I thought I’d post some cute pictures.

Ahhhh just another day

Eye’s peeking “I know I’m adorable”

Sweet dreams


Are you in Sapienza?


Actually it’s a small rural town close to my city.


Took this for a friend before work! It actually turned out to be a good picture of me XD


I’ve Ideally got a generic look… Should take photos more, no?


You look like the profile pic of a target :smiley:


Oh, my! :open_mouth:


Dude you look like a PIMP lel :laughing:

And this is me (centre)

i just went berserk when i put on this reggage hat…

and this was my profile pic, this is my dear friend, we were in the same college, he’s in the army now, and i miss this fucker :cry: lel


Well, I try, haha :wink:


Great photos, my man. :wink:


Thenks m8 :blush:



This Weekend theres a Funfair in my Town, i’m drunk as a skunk and wish you all a great weekend!


Finally got to meet man behind the mods. :bear::+1:


Might as well do another selfie, fuck it.


you are damn pretty, Amy. i did also a selfie yesterday, but i had my eyes closed because of the damn flashlight and the fact that i was a bit drunk :slight_smile:


Thanks but it’s actually good light and makeup in that one :rofl: I generally look like a vampire truth be told!

Night pictures, flash and booze never mix btw! Doesn’t matter how much makeup you wear either! xD


You drink too much. That’s the German spirit :rofl:


actually i just started drink again. i have this week vacation from work, and Today is the last Day of the Funfair…usually i dont drink from monday till friday, only when its funfair :wink: but yeah, german culture is very connected to drinking :slight_smile:


Wir sollten irgendwann einen Freund trinken :wink: