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sorry for posting so much in this thread, but heres a Picture of me and one of my best friends at the shooting booth, i love how its turned out!

@YourGudBudNel wo kommst du her mein Freund?



Body found.

No SA/SO for you.


Love posts in here. Putting faces and personalities to the names is awesome. Don’t stop! :thumbsup:


So, i went for a swim at a sports complex with my little cousins. Not a good idea when you dont know how to swim :smile:

Indien, aber ich stelle mir vor, dass wir irgendwann Kumpel trinken :smiley:


Dan, what’s the soundproofing and vocal booth in the back of the pic. for (if you don’t mind me asking)?


Enjoying the all to hot weather here in Palma, right now it’s 29 degrees.


Hah hah, enjoy Mads! I just came back from the movies and it was 12 degrees.


where tf is your BEARD mayne? :scream:


I almost trimmed it off by a mistake :joy:…so right now it’s very short.


i guess you look the same in both pics :laughing:


Did you just risk your own car?


Italians sound like they are arguing all the time :grin:
Your Friend is pretty :heart_eyes:


She is German. But like me grew up here in Italy


German and Romanian Italians. I like how multicultural and multinational much of Europe is. I’m really going to miss that after we leave the EU and free movement ends. Diversity makes us richer.


Hah you sound exactly like I imagined
I didn’t understand a word but it was an interesting video


How do you know it’s his car?
Maybe he just steals a new one every now and then like in GTA


I don’t, i’m asking hue


My accent is strange as fuck. Romanians can’t tell I’m Romanian and Italians can’t tell what nationality I am.

@Quinn well most of my friends are Albanians, Italians, North Africans, Polish, Ukrainians, a few Serbians, some Bosnians, a family from Uruguay, Argentina, Croatia, Slovakia and some Romanians. I wish I had some native English around here to talk and practice. But not many from UK or other countries come here to live. Just vacation

@Fortheseven she’s not the first. I teach to drive other girls and let drive other friends on the same car. If you explain it right there is no problem. I usually teach first how to start moving the car. So its all star, now stop. Start again, stop, now again start.
Till it doesn’t become something engraved in their DNA :smiley:


Another mugshot,

I’m feeling impulsive today, smirking like always. Some old photo where I looked a little more polished than usual.


I do voice over work! Mostly commercials and promotional stuff! But I’ve also done some video games and such too!


That’s the smirk of a badass! >:D