The Forum Gallery V3


What a wonderful Lady :slight_smile:


Looking specially rad and vibrant today. :bear::ok_hand::blue_heart:


Haven’t posted mine in a while. Here’s my mugshot.

Day 22


Amazing, you haven’t aged a day since 2006!


The peak of physical perfection. :ok_hand:t4:


Wait, you’re from UK? With how much you care about US politics, I could’ve sworn you’re American. Oh well.


I had an American girlfriend for 7 years, so I spent a lot of time there and came to care about their politics quite a lot.


“perfecto, bellismo”


Yikes, that’s freezing! Please go put on a sweater.


She is very pretty @badeaguard damn


insert rage about Fahrenheit here


I thought he was saying that 29° Celsius (84.2° Fahrenheit) is cold for Australia.



Shoutout to the ladies on this thread! Gorgeous pics as of late! Also so nice to see some other women around

@Mnemosyne great picture very attractive! I like your shirt and the different colors in it, you look great

@Emo_Amy I also love your selfies, I meant to comment sometime ago. You look awesome in them, I like your look it’s very cool

keep posting people and for those of you who haven’t posted don’t be shy! we won’t bite and you’ll get some likes out of it!


Looking good, man. I need to get a suit soon because I got to start applying for another job. Let’s see if I can resist dressing like 47. I already have the tie. :smile:


You worked with airplanes right? What happened?


I’m getting out of the military in a few months. I’ll be looking for a civilian job now. Ready for the next chapter in life.


Use your military experience to start a cloning program with some mad scientist


Ready when you are @Vinnie_Sinistra


I’ll smuggle airsoft guns! (impersonating Boris)