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You’re looking like all the male npcs in BM :smile:



what is love?




Well after 10 days of being sick I can still fucking rock it xD


love the shirt :blush:






Had a shitty day so i decide to shoot with my air rifle


… on people. :smile:


Hey all!


Since last Week almost everyday shows a Pidgeon up at my windows, its almost like it plays with my cat. when i came home today it sat on the trashcan before my house and i said “whats up?“. it flies towards me, landed on my shoulder and started chewing gently on my earlobe. i carefully tried to pick it up and sat it on the trashcan again. this repeated about 4 Times, until i was fast enough in my house. I named it Karl-Otto.


Such a classy name for a classy animal. Birds are very affectionate creatures, as skittish as they may seem.


Days go by… :relieved:





“You dance like an epileptic: Nothing but left feet, I’ve seen it”

quote from erb elvis vs michael


Well I am dyspraxic so there ya go


Needs more hip shakin’



That you, @Quinn ? :open_mouth: