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29! :smiley:


Hey @Devils_Advocate welcome back. Didnt see you, its been long since you posted.


This is a friend of a coworker of mine. And that’s his truck!
Apparently a big Hitman fan. He lives 20 km away from my job. Can’t wait to show him my Silverballer replica.
But I doubt he is going to notice any difference considering he has Desert Eagles as a “T” in HITMAN.


Thanks bud :slight_smile: I’m sure this place has changed quite a bit!


That is freaking badass, man!!


Took this Friday just had my hair done after 5 months (my roots omg) so I was feeling pretty fresh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: @badeaguard I love that truck its dope yo


NIN forever



Massive fan, I sprayed that wall myself :slight_smile:


@AGENT4T7 I asked my coworker this morning where can I find his friend because I want a selfie with the truck. He told me that it will be a bit hard because he keeps the truck in a deposit at his job and travels in all Europe.


I hope you can get a picture! You could be dressed in your suit and stuff, would look really cool


Oh hell yeah dude, if you could get a photo with him and the truck in your suit… :dizzy_face:


They call me “The Knife“ for a reason…

got sewed with 9 Stiches x)


What happened mate!?


That looks sore as fuck.


well, at work i build Kitchens and i wanted to cut off a small but very hard piece of plastic, so i used my carpetknife, with a fresh blade and…well, it cut very well…went to the Hospital and got sewed with 9 stiches, and got a sick leave for the rest of the week :grin:


Did you at least get a lolly or ice cream afterwards for being brave? XD


sadly, no. but i’m pretty sure i will get a nice scar from this, so i can tell girls that i got that injury while i rescued 4 kittens and 2 babies from a fire :sunglasses:


Better throw in a puppy or two as well. Ya know…just in case she’s not a cat person. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Heal up and enjoy your week off :thumbsup: