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lol, while first reading i thought you mean throw them in the fire x))


Ha! Only if she hates dogs.

Yeah, I guess I could have worded that a bit better.


Badass. I love scars.


I’ve got 2 facial scars. One on my forehead and one on my chin. Sadly they are both for dumbass reasons and not because I was bravely trying to help someone.

Then again, nobody has to know that…


Yes, me too, most scars have a interesting or funny story behind them!


Shoulda spoiler tagged It and said nsfw :nauseated_face:


This is fairly accurate in my experience


This reminds me of a scene…but after Googling it I now can’t unsee this…


From brushing teeth?


Heh. You’re gonna end up with a pretty sick scar. I’ve got one too, but from a chainsaw.



Yup. Damage from aggressive tooth brushing. Lol


Yeah got scar to my eye corner because crazy bitch from my class attacked me from behind


Wonder why… you seem so lovely!


Yeah fuck you. Bitch got angry because i told him my personal option about Anime and Manga


What’d you say exactly? :joy:


Anime is shit that should be banned and Why the hell you have to read Manga backwards? Are we living in Japan? Guys dont take this too seriously like she did;D I


Uuuhhhmmmm… Okay




You dont even know the half of it;)


I have several small scars on my face. I have no idea where any of them came from…