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Record yourself while “sleeping”. Maybe you’ve got a secret life that even you don’t know about. Batman exposed.



Well, the thing is, I don’t remember ever waking up with scratches or cuts or anything. I just one day looked at my face and thought “Huh… I have several little scars… when the hell did I get these?”




Jeez, @Vinnie_Sinistra. You asked 47 for his timeless look secret. You look so different without that suave mustache.


10 new featured contracts this Friday!


Why? I don’t really like anime but I wonder why do you even care about something that doesn’t affect you in any way.


Cause he likes to rustle up jimmies.


Because i like to annoy people:)


Vinnie looking sexy AF over here!


My gf said i look 16 in this pic. I’m 22. Anyways took a picture with my new tshirt i ordered.


Meanwhile in Rome…


Im getting back in the loop with hitman and such. But first a little vacation.


You look even meaner than you act towards me my dear limbo


<3 nicest Forum Member Forthe.


Enjoy your holiday my friend <3






Friend and I travelled downtown because we were bored.
He saw a photo op and told me to do a Slav Pose.


We should all make Slav pose photos and make a contest



Uh oh. Did I just start a trend? :wink::chicken:


Set up a thread already. Im super game for this