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I’m pretty confy with out them. You can only have them on the rear windows, passenger rear included. But not in the front.
Keep in mind police, at least here, will stop you for a routine check quite often if you have an old car with dark windows. Mostly because is sorta of a Balkan/east Europe thing here in Italy to have a car like that.

So they check if you’re wanted, have a record or if your ok with papers and such things.
And if they really don’t like you, be prepared to open all your car for a drug search.


Do you? I am pretty confident I have never seen a car with windows like these in the EU.


Oh you mean cars with toned glass. Thought you meant glass with polarizer. Yea toned is a no-no, maybe when it is just a little bit but it is mainly for safety reasons.


… this is exactly the main reason on why they’re used.


Really? For which situations?

The reason behind our laws is keep the sight of the driver as clear as possible, such films atleast darken it a bit even for the people in the inside.


for not getting shot, i think? @Supernova is Venezuela that dangerous for average People?


… so that a couple of criminals on a bike don’t pass by you when there’s a pile up on the freeway and see that you have a nice phone and a watch and pull out their guns to rob you of those? Maybe?


Eh and what if the criminal is on the other side of the glass?


That really doesn’t happen here in Europe. Every high way is ultra secured with camera or normal streets as well


Just a little under two years ago a girl was kidnapped on my college. She came in on her car, looked for a place to park, she didn’t notice that a car was following her into college, she parked, then as she went down two dudes came out of the car behind her and ordered her to give them the keys to her car and go on the back seat with another of the dudes while one of them drived away following the car that they came in at.


You’d have to not know much, if at all, about my country to suggest that a camera on the highway would lead to the aprehension of a criminal. Or to think that it would reduce the number of crimes. You are not accounting institutional corruption, lack of maintenance of public areas… hell for all you know someone will steal those cameras and resell them within a week after they’re put up.


That is really not how it works in Europe or at least Central Europe, sorry.


Pretty accurate statement here: “not all bikers are criminals, but all criminals have a motorcycle”.

I may comprehend that you, in europe, think that a criminal may be smuggling weapons or drugs inside his car using dark windows as cover; what you don’t comprehend is criminals robbing people on their cars or executing express kidnappings like the one I just said. And you’d realize that having dark windows actually improves your chances of security, privacy and comodity in sunlight. So there are even added bonuses.

A criminal does not know if you are in possession of valuable property if your windows are dark, nor does he knows if there are more people on the car than he can handle, nor does he know if they themselves are capable of defending themselves.


I see, thanks for the explaination. I guess this is a good thing then which outweights the european’s view on this matter, especially if this is a real problem over there.


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