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:peace_symbol: brotha :slight_smile:




Nice beard, mate! I recently lost mine in a freak shaving accident : /


Thanks man! :smiley: but my mum does not like it lel


I got a new laptop, with this I’m finally able to play HITMAN without lag. :grinning: It was actually the first game I installed.


Isn’t @Quinn from those ends as well? lol


Yeah, the stool chart was developed at the Hospital I used to work in, funnily enough.

Probably our most famous creation besides Massive Attack and Portishead


Nice! What are the specs? Mind sharing? :slight_smile:


Intel Core i5-7300HQ
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050

It’s Lenovo Legion Y520, I think it’s pretty good for its price. :grinning: I also had to choose a laptop because mobility is important for me atm.


That’s honestly super solid! And for the price, in a laptop, I totally agree!

Thanks for sharing!


dayyum, nice purchase! :smiley:


Yeah, I’m a little bit further down the road from Quinn. A couple counties away, I think, but my geography isn’t great :smiley:


Neither is Quinn’s. Huehuehue


Says who


Piss told me in confidence. And yes, i love betraying his trust


I remember that conversation and it was strictly in the context of US states :hugs:


No you don’t, it was a private conversation on discord, and the context was England.



No it was a conversation with Piss IRL (which you definitely weren’t privy to unless you are an uncorporeal entity who can listen to people’s conversations from the heavens) in which I said my US Geography was terrible




This is Sox. She lives in the nursing home I work in. She’s incredibly lazy and hasn’t once offered to help.