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The winter is here!


You back in Finland or still in Alaska?:joy:


I’m in Finland, in Alaska they actually had hardly any snow. :smile:


Enjoy your Weekend, Mates!


Spent the night at my brother’s house last night helping my niece carve pumpkins for Halloween.

Woke up to about 3-4 inches of the first snowfall of winter. Only 5 months left! :joy:



Nice carving job @FantumX

Allow me to take this opportunity to wish you and all of HMF a Happy Halloween



Already? Where do you live exactly grandpa redneck?


Well, sonny boy, if you look up a map of Michigan (US), I would be located approximately here :point_down:


That is one ugly hand


What do you know about hands?


Alot. I see them like every day man.


Happy Halloween hope everyone had a fun time! x




Thanks!!! I spent the last 50 years working on getting the creepy old man hands just right for Halloween. :blush:

And yeah, snow for Halloween isn’t too uncommon. It doesn’t happen a lot, but often enough that no one is really surprised when it happens. Plus I’m in the “snow belt” area of the state where the snow tends to come earlier, stay later and hits harder than other areas. Yeah :roll_eyes:


That pumpkin is awesome!

But you could really use some sun. :joy:


I’m jealous really. Don’t get me wrong, Holland is a great place to live with lots of advantages, but we lack seasons. We don’t get real winters anymore, and barely a good summer weather wise.


Now that’s something I can relate to


We definitely get the full-on four seasons experience here but the winters in my region of the state last too damn long. Winter coats, hats and gloves for a solid 5 months. Spent most of my adult life living about 2 hours further south and winters were significantly milder. Wouldn’t be so bad I guess if I enjoyed ice fishing, had a snowmobile or still did downhill skiing. But none apply so after the first couple months of snow, I’m done and aching for spring. I have considered getting back on the skis though. We’ll see. If I do, I’ll be sure to post pics of me in a body cast after I plow into my first tree. :joy:


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