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Or ronaldinho. Or rito.


I still have no idea what this means :joy:.(remember, I’m old)


It means that you should post a video of you plowing into a tree, or we (the entire forum) will riot.

Ronaldo, ronaldinho, romario, rito etc etc all mean to riot


Ahhh :joy:. Now that I sucked all the fun out of your comment, I will say that I was just thinking the same thing. If I do it, I’ll have to document my first run on video. :sunglasses::+1:


You really should mate. Just don’t die, we would miss you too much. Breaking your bones is fine.


What about Robinho and Juninho?


I shaved my head


Shaved my beard after 2 months and i’m at somebody’s wedding.


I have stopped trimming my beard


Where is the barcode ?


I would like to say that since I’ve met you I can’t help but think of 47 driving anything but a BMW. Well done influencing me lol.


Awwww thats so sweet. Thank you, made my day :rofl:


Me and my buddy were doing waffles and we had to beat egg whites, although neither of us wanted to tire our arms. Soo we took a drill driver, a bent screw, hanged the egg beater on it and got to work. #malecooking

It worked like a charm.

@Chef-assassin proud of me yet?


@Chef-assassin approved!!! I’m going to make waffles now. Was just about to make oatmeal now I’m changing on the fly! Thanks for the idea.


I’m just having a coffee and a bagel this morning.
(Okay, maybe a few more coffees.)


[quote=“Vinnie_Sinistra, post:2697, topic:120, full:true”]
I’m just having a coffee and a bagel this morning.

(Okay, maybe a few more coffees.)
[/quote] :heavy_check_mark:
FantumX approved. :+1:
Coffee and cigarettes is my go-to breakfast :joy:. Although my son came up for a visit this weekend and we’re thinking going out for a late breakfast. Haven’t done a breakfast buffet in a long time.


I have some bad news for you guys :smiley:
Still enjoy your waffles!


Haha same here. Can’t start my day off right without either. Who needs Eggs and French Toast anyway :joy:


My girlfriend and I at her sister’s wedding!


looking ‘Dapper’ boiii :ok_hand:t4: