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This is a creepy ass photo!


Aren’t you a Cubs fan or something? Cardinals? Whatever?


I hate Saint Louis please dont ever say I am a fan of anything from this bum fuck town. I was only riding with the cubs cause it upset the Saint Louis folks. I have no favorite team.

The jacket is from a team that no longer exists from a baseball leauge that no longer exists. The Negro leauges is from when whites didnt want blacks playing sports with them. The black Yankees was one of the black teams from New York


I’ll get ya a good Blues NHL shirt when I have money <3 you can burn it in my honor.


Looking good @Lazlow. And very cool jacket. Props!


Random click :wink:


My very first selfie. Been posting in this thread for a while so I may as well, right?



you a dread head and ting


:smile: Not a Rasta but yeah man. Been rocking the Dready Kruger look for…shit, maybe 18 years now.


Nice pic! I’m always shocked by those “first” photos. I get an image in my head of how I imagine members look. Then I see a pic and daaaamn, not even close.


I know right? You think one thing and it turns I’m actually the best looking member on HMF! :grin:

Naw, I’m joking of course, but thanks.


any tips how i can grow dreadlocks?


how often do you get frisked by the Cops with that hairstyle?


Can I post pics that I take in my photography class, even if I’m not in them?


I believe there’s a photography thread


The thicker your hair, the better. It’s tougher with thin hair but still be possible. Also you may have to go to a barbershop to get it twisted, though I know some folks have gotten theirs braided instead. Keep it in that condition for about a year more or less and your hair will start to lock. Personally, I think your hair looks good on you as it is though.

I’ve gotten pretty good at playing Hide n go Seek with the Cops. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You look like a GTA radio dj.


:laughing: If only I had the DJ skills to match.



Boy this is going to be interesting :grin:


Show us the label inside the hat, I wanna know where it was made