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But he is telling the truth.


‘Look in my eyes and tell me, what kind of man do you see?’


A man.


Just wanted to say that a lot of people here who revealed their true faces apparently look like credible movie assassin types. :wink:


I see an indian tech n9ne with that goatee


Your beard is fabulous and really suits you. I can really see you in one of those Idian tv shows


Lmao thanks for the love fellas :laughing: But i just look good ‘at the right place and at the right time’ lel. I took this pic in my dorm room around 4pm. :smile:


My uncle passed away after having a stroke on Sunday, today i was at his funeral. My Girlfriend took some pictures of me in my Suit.

and one without the Jackett ( 47 should wear Braces too, very comfortable)


Very nice.This text will be blurred


Sorry for your loss.

Looking good and what’s this story about a girlfriend we didn’t knew about? :astonished:

In Codename 47 he wears braces in a wallpaper or maybe they were meant to be the gun hostler.


i always thought its the inside Pattern of his Jackett, but maybe you are correct.

Well, i’m not quite sure what we are tbh, we go on Dates and stuff like that, but its nothing serious yet. at least i think lol

Thanks, i’m fine. i was just there to support my Mom, i never had a relationship to my Uncle, havent seen him for about 15 years.


Did some test shots for a friend. He got a pic of me loitering about. Lol


Playing Hide and seek with Moses.


Einen sehr hübschen Kater hast du da! :heart:


Hold on,hold on,hold on.Can we switch the language?


بالتاكيد !



When they say there is no difference between the Blackballer and the Ica19.
Streets of Hope outfit.



Well shit, I guess I need some bulletproof windows.


Just to poke the bear

There is no difference between the WA2000 and The Sieger 300


This is the quality content I visit Hitman Forum for.