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Even 47 himself is scared of me when this subject comes on.

@Mads47 actually the Sieger 300 is a variation and very close to a model of WA2000 that exists in the real world. It’s a shorter version of what we are use to from the previous games.

@HHCHunter more to come somedays. I started to develop a passion in imitating basic stuff from the Hitman games


100% soft hide.


I looove their colours/markings, too cute!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes_cat:


How I’m currently spending my saturday evening…


Walked about 16 miles yesterday, part of it along the South West Coastal Path. The path is 630 miles long, I’ve decided one day I want to have walked it all, it was beautiful.

Anyway, a few pics.



Took a drive. Saw some fields that reminded me of when I went to Ukraine and Bulgaria to the sunflower fields and wheat fields.


Is that supposed to be some sort of message to me?


To all of you.

you are warned


On the wiki they say the Blackballer is the ICA19


Thats Wrong. The Blackballer looks identicly like the Bertoli. And i’m sure @badeaguard can approve this!


Of course i know it’s wrong. But just to have a little mocking point😉


Just for the sakes of it, I have proof…


At this point, I’m becoming this meme when explaining.


It’s Star Wars all over again! :smile: when a franchise gains really dedicated fans they will eventually know more about it than the creators :sweat_smile:


I wonder if I’m famous about my obsesion in the IOI studios :smirk:

I was thinking one day when I have money to spend, to buy a plane ticket to Copenhagen and protest with a big sign in front of their building BRING BACK THE BLACKBALLER FROM THE BETA 2015

But I’m too shy to try something like this and I doubt they will take it for a funny thing to do.


Hah! :joy:
Being Danish i can tell you that it would probably make a few headlines in this little country of ours. But i would like to believe that we have the humor to appreciate it! :smile::metal:

  • as long as you do it suit only :wink:


i would join you with a Sign Remake Codename 47 for its 20th Anniversary!


I would pay full retail for that!


That would be brilliant by the way! Also if you done that but emerged from a closet in their actual building, that would be pretty dam hilarious, full suit and tie, placard in hand! :joy:


The first cutscene of HITMAN 2:

47 takes out his briefcase (with logo on the side), opens it, inside are his WA2000 and Blackballers (from the Beta).

“Diana, I’m ready.”

Badeaguard’s heavy breathing can be heard in Australia