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Me and my girl roaming around Amsterdam!

I know I know, I got my hair pretty messed up, that’s outdated now, since i got rid of that disaster yesterday! :slight_smile:


Weeey, really happy for you. You look like a very beautiful couple and if I’m not mistaken it’s been a year so far that you are together?

@Watson please stop! One can only get so emotional just to imagine a thing like this :tired_face:


Yeah, a year dings on 4th of august. It’s impressive of you to remember, holy shit. Guess if I forget about an anniversary, I can always count on you, Alex :smile:



Great view, makes me think of Pac Man. :wink:


Wow, that’s actually really weird and cool.


Hope you had a nice time in my country! What am i talking about, every single tourist absolutely loves Amsterdam


Really? I just had the feeling that you posted the first time pictures of you two a year ago.
Well at least I was helpful :sunglasses:

Jokes aside, does any one have any photos of me from 2016 saved on their computer? The ones where I was with a girl.
PM me if you have. I’m really serious. I know there shouldn’t be a reason for you to have them saved, but in case you do.


There is a guy here, maybe Mads (sorry if that’s not you), that kept an archive on every member here.


Archive? you mean like an folder with pictures? I don’t think that is me, well unless I somehow have forgotten something.


Lol no it’s Samuel. He wouldn’t share them without permission tho so it’s a good thing Badea asked. @scm97tl


It is true I know a fair share of personal stuff of members around here but I’m not a stalker bookkeeper that has files of people around here or of any for that matter.


Oh bummer, Badea would surely appreciate it if you can help him out :wink: Are you sure your 2016 archive doesn’t have the picture(s) in question?


No, but I keep his pics from when he found that duckie at the parking lot but they are recent, dear piggy.


You admittedly kept the first pictures @Speaker posted here… and have referenced to save several others. So fogive me for still doubting this.


I have pics of members around sure but not everybody. Just the ones who are more personal friends that I even added to my Facebook.


And you call that messy hair? Please. Amateur.

Finally have a tangible opportunity to not give a fuck for anyone who tells me to cut my hair so I won’t do it. I’ll let grow for a couple years until I can have a top-knot. Sure. Many guys have a top knot with shaved sides, but I don’t think that will suit me well.


Here is my f**** Blackballer

@ICA_Agent @ingrobny @SeanBernowicz


Not only the Blackballer. Remember when 47 was wearing his watch with the training gear and was later removed for whatever reason? Funny how the Miami outfit actually shows it again outside the suits like the Signature or BM one.


They removed it, so that his look is now “timeless“ :smirk: