The Forum Gallery V3


Is the one that plays Ave Maria realistic? The silencer looks too small.


Aaaaw <3<3<3 so cute


Ive read somewhere that You should wait approx. 2 months to see what You have to Work with. Thats something You could try


#Beardgang4Lyfe! Let that bad boy grow out.


Then I saw his Face, now i’m a Belieber.


You are young as fuck, at least you look like that


The third 100% soft hide that I never showed before.



Your avatar changes are almost as often as posts about Trump in the General News thread.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

I wanted a more personal avatar.


Having fun at work pretending to be a dangerous guard

Apparently my phone has some frame variations. I tried something.


The last two photos are amazing. What kind of phone do you have?


Um you are literally Agent 47 in that last pic. Very nice.


This is me getting ready to head home from work, I look about the same as I did last year lol.


Can you take a picture of yourself standing next to a normal sized person, though?

Or Forthe?


Samsung S9 but it was the lighting effect that make it look good.


If I happen to run into him next time I’m in the Netherlands, and he agrees to take a photo and have it posted here, then sure.


So many tall people on this forum :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:



You’re awsome


my boi looking smart as fuck yo :+1: