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You just gave me the idea to try and replicate this photo.
I’m almost set with the clothes, almost done replicas. I had this idea in mind to try and make my eyebrows just like in Absolution.
I was suggested against this but it’s a risk I’m willing to take some months I’m not working.
O course I’m going to make them done by a professional. I never done mine besides shaving away the hair in the middle so I don’t have a unibrow

Unfortunately I don’t look much like 47. My friends say I do but maybe just to make me happy.
And even when full shaved with a razor there are signs there was hair cause of the different skin tonality.



Use darkness just like in your photo above to hide the fact you’re not actually bald.


Actually your face is not far from the Absolution model of 47! Which is the best looking 47 of all times. So take that shit as a compliment!


One day a girl will say this to me and that shall be the day I get on my knees and ask for marriage.
This are better words than I love you.


In b4 she’s ugly though^^^ JK JK. I believe in you.

I don’t even know any guys around here who like Hitman as much as me. Everyone’s like ‘Oh yeah I played it before, it was okay.’ :cry: I cri evrytiem


That’s the life of a Hitman fan, it’s lonely outside of hmf lol. The best I can ever hope for is that I meet someone who briefly played Blood Money or Absolution years ago.


Tfw you are the unknown silent assassin but you dont want to be.


The struggle is so real. :sob:
I had a crush on a YouTuber who looked like 47 for like an entire month (tbf, he also loves breaking technology physically, and since I do it via software, we would be the most power power-couple ever,) but he lives in Utah and also probably isn’t into girls like me so I spent a lot of time trying to get over it, RIP. Such a dumb thing, sigh.

I just want to meet someone IRL who actually enjoys playing Hitman in the first place. Since I don’t play online with others, that’s the only way I’d be willing to play co-op Sniper Assassin.

I do plan to post my cosplay pic here whenever it comes, but I think it’ll be next month.


lol I have a terrible habit of destroying tech when I get mad, hit me up if you’re in Ontario :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think that’s exactly the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you look like a really swole 47 I will let it slide~

He takes stuff apart piece by piece, actually. I found out about him because he took a lock apart and showed how terrible it was at actually being a lock. So good. I can pick locks (afaik, everyone in my field can,) but I can’t really take them apart. Since there’s a pretty good chance I’m never going to go on a date, my new goal is to learn how to do it all myself so I can be my own power…single?

I dunno. That’s the plan anyway.


D’aaaw, she’s super pretty :3


Thank you :blush:

Yeah we known each other since kindergarten believe it or not lmao

We got married pretty young, years back. I’m 28, she’s 27 Still going strong! haha. We also had our first child (a daughter) last October.


:open_mouth: I haven’t known anyone that long except family.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: So cute, I hope you guys are getting enough sleep and breaks. :grin:



Yeah, some nights are better than others lol for the most part, she’s pretty good and will sleep through the night.

we try to take turns when we can at night so one can have some sleep and the other is “on duty” and vice versa. All depends on who has work the next day :laughing:

But we make it work, can’t complain.


Growing out the beard!


Looking good, man! The resemblance you share with my brother in law is striking :joy:


Maybe he is, dun dun DUUNNN


Lmfao naw, not to be rude, but my brother in law is a bit on the heavier side. But in the face…? Yo I swear for a split second I thought it was him lol I was like, what…!? :laughing: