The Forum Gallery V3


Time to go visit 4T7 and steal his bros clothes.


I scrolled through this topic and I see this is The Forum Cat Gallery. :smile:

Here’s my beast. :heart:
(I tried to took better photos, but it’s too dark and she was begging me for some love.)


that is a strange cat you have there.


Go away! We don’t want you! You rather have a cat on this forum or the cat has you :rage:

Of course I’m joking :stuck_out_tongue: My uncle left me his dog for 2 weeks a couple of years ago. Was a whole new experience for me. I enjoy the s*** out of his company. Dogs will always be there for you.



If you don’t become a meme for all of the Internet, I will be seriously disappointed.


I can only dream. Maybe all that internet money will help me get through university.


today i got my stuff for my Halloween Costume…any Fans of Gravity Falls here?


This is me. Finally a picture of me which isn’t completely ugly. In this moment I was playing mw3, and got completely rekt. Ripipip


objectively better than MW2


That could be true, but I don’t care which one is better. Because both are from a time when Call of Duty still stood for quality, which unfortunately can’t be said any more nowadays. I associate so many beautiful memories with this game.

btw, your new xbox pic is great.


:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


You blaspheme! Crucify this heretic!


degenerates like you belong on a cross


Hans, get the Flammenwerfer.


You mean the typewriter


I agree that Black Ops 2 is the best in every aspect, guys.



I don’t get it…


The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.