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Hey!!! It’s my birthday today and I’m back!

What a day it was. I’m a bit tipsy now as I write and some how I feel it’s the best time to tell how it went today while the memories are still fresh.

I went to Graz with my mom. It was something I was thinking of but never planned till 2 weeks ago when I went to visit my mom. We were talking about how to pass my birthday and words just came out with out thinking Let’s go just for an afternoon to visit Schwarzenegger’s house. Only the 2 of us.
My mom said ok just as I finished the sentence. I can understand her since I went away from home to work and she’s been alone with the cat. And today was that day!
We woke up at 5 in the morning and I only slept 3:30 hours because I wanted to pass midnight with some close friends. There was a time I was falling asleep after an hour of driving but nothing serious or that hard feeling of the need to close my eyes. My mom instead felt asleep. Only after 2 hours before leaving Italy we stopped for a coffe and it gave me one big boost waking me up immediately.

It was a cool ride. We talked a lot about future plans and people we know, relatives, work and so on till we finally reached the place.
I parked on the first place I laid my eyes on. Putted away the navigator and went out of the car with my phone in hand making photos left and right.
We entered the house and there was a young gentlemen, very nice person. I paid for the both of us and asked some questions about the place.
There wasn’t much chat but the guy had plenty of knowledge of course and also was a big Arnold fan.

We went in the first room and first thing I saw was a locker room with some naked women pictures and military clothes. But right next to it was this Arnold mannequin dressed in a suit.
I went close to it, admire it and started to make stupid selfies.

The house was divided on 2 floors. The first one had things from his political career including (the receptionist said) the original governor desk.
But the real fun was at the second floor where you find props from some movies and some gym weights.
The Terminator statue was the best. There was one with the skeleton and another one with Arnold damaged and under his skin the robot skeleton. Then there was a figure of him posing in his prime. But it didn’t seem that tall.
But the one where he’s Terminator was pretty huge.
I done lot’s of pictures and selfies with the statue and later at some point I re made the tour because I didn’t concentrated enough on the things to see.
I watched every photo frame by frame and there were a lot I never seen on the Internet.
I touched every gym equipment there imagining Arnold lifting them when he was young.
I studied every detail of the Terminator statue and made stupid scenarios photos with my mom.
And at the end of the tour I went down to receptionist and I had to ask Does the man comes here from time to time?

And he even showed me a book where he signed his entry that they have at the door.
Man… It would had been epic if instead of Saturday it was today. I made these scenarios in my head that I see him there right in front of me and I had all these stupid things to say.

But hey, maybe next time. I bought 2 souvenirs. A water container for my gym instructor then 2 table pads to put on drinks.
The guy there gave me as a gift a magazine since it was my birthday (was the first thing I said when I entered the place) but only problem it has it’s that is in German. But pictures are cool.
After I made the last pictures of the statue they had in front and we left for a restaurant on a lake close by.
While I was leaving I told the guy there I’ll be back :joy: and we both laughed.

Now house was cool, I was thinking the whole time I’m in the same place Arnold was but that lake 2 km away was a bit… Disappointing in a way.
But hey, who cares. I had an amazing day and a wonderful adventure. I drove for 14 hours, I spend some quality time with my mother and at the end of the evening we ate at a restaurant and I drank some whiskey cola with her here at home.

I have lot’s and lot’s of pictures. I’m publishing here only a few and the best of course.
This here is my mom. Last picture we made at the restaurant :yum:
Hmmm yeah, we might not look alike. She sometimes jokes around that they mistaken me at the hospital when I was born.


You’re wrong. @badeaguard looks better than the Absolution model of 47.


What’s your favourite Schwarzenegger movie?


Thats the question i always ask on the first date, when i dont know what to say :joy:


Well, I always ask them whether they’d like to seize the means of production and overthrow the bourgeoisie — but I guess that works as well.


My favorit Arnold movies are T2 and Predator, I love most of his movies and Kindergarten Cop and Junior holds a special place in my heart. My significant other didn’t think much of him or even liked him to Begin with. But after meeting me, Arnold have grown a lot on her. She expressed wanting to borrow his biography from me so she can read it as well.

Also she likes both Junior and Kindergarten Cop, so that’s awesome!


I would say Terminator 2! What’s yours?


Runner up:



That’s because he doesn’t skip leg day and can stand up straight like some sort of grown man.
47 Used to have some serious problems.


TRUE LIES. :slight_smile:
The scene where he and his CIA buddies punk the car sales man having an affair with his wife is gold! :smile:


I prefer the first Terminator, definitely my favourite; it was a role built for Arnie and the one which launched his career. I also love it’s atmospheric horror elements, as well as some of the sequences (the ending is great). There’s a decent romance in there as well and you get a real feel for the characters.
The second one is a perfect guns-blazing action romp, and possibly the best sequel ever made after The Godfather: Part II. My only criticism is Edward Furlong being too overbearing at times.
The third one was alright, I liked bits of it, but it was ultimately an unnecessary film.
Salvation was a mess and completely forgettable (that CGI Arnie… ugh), and the less said about Genisys, the better.


Now I’m at a very mix of emotions between the T1 and T2. When I was a kid I loved the second one.
Now at a more mature age I appreciate a lot more T1 for the exact things you mention.

The other Terminator movies are… eh. I don’t know what to say. Last one was too comedic for my taste. I’m really looking forward with this new sequel of the T2 they so much talk about.
And! They are also doing a sequel to Robocop, the old movies. As you can see when I was a kid I had a huge thing for movies with robots in them.


I would say I prefer Salvation over T3, I can barely watch it. That said I prefer T1 over T2, not that T2 isn’t great and one of the best sequels ever made (expect from Godfather II as you say yourself). But for me it also comes down to the overall run time of the movie, T1 is 1 hour and 48 min and T2 is almost three hours long. It’s a lot of time to invest on a movie and often I go with a movie with a normal running time.


i bought this Coat for 10€ in a secondhand shop, but it didnt fitted me well, brought it to the tailor and had it fixed for 50€.

Its a original Hugo Boss Coat by the way :grin:


Secondhand shops are great. You can even find Armani and Ferragamo stuff for a dirt cheap price. Just make sure to wash that pretty rowdy in case it was worn under unappropiate conditions.


Reminds me a little of the Winter Suit. Looks great :smiley:


I like this photo because of its overly dramatic lighting (I was at a birthday party)


My friend’s cat is very photogenic


Man, I’m just seeing these pictures now? Lol

Sounds like you had a really great time, love all the photos. “Commando” is probably my most favorite Arnold Movie. I actually like all his movies haha but that one is my favorite. But yeah, I’m really happy you had a great time man. Also, I hope I don’t sound “weird” (because I’m really being sincere here lol) but I have to say, your mom is a beautiful woman :slightly_smiling_face: You can tell her I said so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Haha but yeah, I can see a little bit of you in her okay, now I feel weird LMFAO but nah, you a handsome man, Alex so it makes sense lol


Thank you my friend and I will tell her when I get the chance :blush:
It was quite an experience.