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Yesterday was probably one of my worst days ever, I got my 6 month growing hair cut because of everyone I know especially mom and dad saying so. I’ve never taken a photo of myself in my life(maybe once or twice) but in this instance I took a picture to remember in the future how I looked like when I was a kid

Now my hairstyle is kind of like crew cut(which I very much hate). Pls don’t share it anywhere :smile: (i.e make a meme out of this since it was very common for a lot of students in my school, they would get their faces photoshoped into some shitty ‘meme’ :joy: I’m editing this very late as I was getting bored and was viewing old posts when I saw this sentence which read like a completely different thing then what I intended)


So I found and bought some pictures of me losing the will to live in the 10k yesterday. I’m the guy with the awful beard, but impeccable taste in band shirts.



I tried the secret recipe of @badeaguard and was positively surprised. 9/10 would drink again. (Whiskey alone isn’t my cup of tea though.)

Also some pics from the summer…

…and from last month. I’d go back to the summer if I could choose lol.


I hear summer is the nicest day of the year in Finland, is this true?


Lmao that’s correct.


I demand moar sexy pix


Ugh… my current picture on social media. :no_mouth:


Still got that jacket from Drive?


Thats me playing with my Food on a Wedding. I put a Shrimps Head on my Finger and let it talk to my Girlfriend.


:joy: Yes i do. I also got the Watch_Dogs trenchcoat, cost me 300 dollars.


Greatest idea for a video game


Went with my mom to visit her grandmother’s resting place.

Even a cat came by. Ground keepers said her name is Carmelita.


Everybody in this forum is so cool


Thank you,I really try my best :wink:


And then there’s me


Did you slip and fall? Or was your guitar solo so boring that you fell asleep?


I slipped backwards while kneeling down to change some settings on a guitar pedal. The band started before I was ready and I rushed to get back up and fell over hueh. But I was also considerably drunk at that gig if I remember correctly so that probably didn’t help


Actually I just thought you where playing around on the floor like Marty McFly did when he did his guitar solo while playing ‘Johnny B Good’ at the Enchament Under The Sea dance in Hill Wally 1955.


We know lmao!!!


I bought the coat from Watch_Dogs about an year ago. This is the official replica sold on It was about 300 dollars.

The game