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I think I need a cheap version of this outfit now.


I drove a Mini Cooper from 2012 last week. Really nice handling.
The mom of 2 sisters I’m very good friends with bought it and she doesn’t know much about cars and was too afraid to drive it back home.
So I drove her to pick up the car and then back because she was scared to make such a long way back home alone.

After that she let us the car to go around and clean it up for the day/evening. It was a cool day.


Hahah… there are cheap knock offs of the coat on Ebay and Amazon. They’re of lesser quality obviously. I love the real deal i own, i wear it every Winter. Makes me feel like the badass vigilante Aiden from Watch Dogs :wink: .


A better photo



I’m back home from my visit to Germany. Had a great time and finally I met up with some one from the Hitmanforum.

It was a wonderful experience and definitely something to do again.
First member I met with was @MrOchoa. I went to pick him up straight from his home. I remember I had this plan when we were going to see each other first to say something from Codename 47, a line or such but the first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw him was “Man! You’re an animal!” He’s pretty tall and big :joy:
But it was fantastic. Almost all the time we told a line from the old games and we both laughed. We shared our opinions on the games (Hitman), what we like, what we don’t and I also played with his cat Henry :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Amazing thing was that I had this feeling like I always knew him. We both talked and talked with out almost no moments of silence and we had so much to say. But still unbelievable that we were there face to face in the same room.

At some point his girlfriend arrived and we had to go for a 2 hours drive to meet with @Urben.
He chose a nice restaurant for us and surprisingly by a huge coincidence (he told us) it was on a street with the number 47!!! It was like destiny.

We arrived first, me, mr. and mrs. Ochoa and some time later Urben.
As you can imagine we talked almost only about Hitman. From time to time I tried to talk with mrs. Ochoa and I felt really sorry for her because we were like all only videogame talking and she was there listening at us.
But she told us it’s ok. I hope :persevere:
I think we all ate Schnitzel. I wanted to make a picture at what we were eating but I was to hungry and forgot about it.
Urben brought with him a Rubber Duck from IO. As you tell by this post it did not explode because I am still here.

After that we took Urben home and we went back in mr. Ochoa’s town. If there is something I learn about Cologne is that I never in my life would want to live in such a huge city. It was very fascinating to be in such a massive environment, but coming from a very small town it’s a bit terrifying in a way.

Next day mr. Ochoa sowed me around his beautiful city. A small town with lots of history.
We made pictures and for last we went to eat lunch at a fish restaurant. Good food.
At some point we had to say good bye but not for long I hope.

Coming in Germany I had ahead of me a very beautiful day. It was warm and sunny. But going back in Italy I found only bad weather.
I got very scared at some point in Austria because it was snowing heavily. One of the worst thing it can happen to a driver is to be on the highway driving a bmw with summer tires with snow on the road.
I went very slow, being very carefully with a steady hand on the wheel because I was fearing my car could slept and turn around. But somehow I manage to get out of it safe.
Assuming from the fresh snow on the road it didn’t started for a long time. But it was accumulating quite fast and it was very thicc.
I remember I was thinking “This is the day I’m going to destroy my car” but then said out loud “NOT TODAY! I TRUST YOU! You can do it my love” (referring to my car). And she did.
Once entered my bella Italia it was raining.

Here are a couple of photos we made. Some of the you already saw on What’s New.
Again, I had an amazing time and met some very wonderful people and I wish to meet up with more of you folks from here.

Thank you again for the time guys @MrOchoa @Urben



And by big request from @Phoenix where she asked me to make a photo where Urben kills me, I show you this


Forgot? Epic Fail. 1st thing of importance meeting up with Hitmanforum members. 2nd Food you ate. Remember for next time ok. :roll_eyes:


Is that triangle shaped thing schnitzel?


its breaded salmon filet.


Ahh, i’d love to meet you fellas someday! :smile:


Damn, I need to meet up with some of you one day. A couple years.


I’ve never seen a triangle salmon swimming. Lol


Oh really?
New king? (Since Forthe is …uh )

:open_mouth: She doesn’t play vidya?

I feel so attacked right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m so happy you guys all got to meet up ahhhh squee


Where do you live in Poland? I have a coworker who lives somewhere at the north and one day I would want to visit him.


I actually live in Canada. But hey, it’s not that far…:smile:


WHAT??? Weren’t yo Polish?


Yes. Don’t have to live in Poland to be ethnically Polish. There’s (and it’s probably a bit more but this is the official number) 1 million people of Polish descent in Canada, and around 58 thousand in my city.


My bad. I was convinced you still lived in Poland


No problem. Nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:


pot, meet kettle.