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I also made a selfie today. Now I want to make another one like this when I will shave my head next time. Probably with a red tie.


mission exiting music






You my friend are a legend! thanks for these man, spoilt for choice now :grin:


The last two are great for your phone, make the red one your lock screen and the normal one your home screen, add the right phone unlock effect and when you unlock your phone you’ll see a red 47 fade into a cool image of him

Set as lock screen wallpaper:

Set as phone background wallpaper:


You got the full body Absolution render without background?


What phone do you have? Ive got an iPhone 7 and they don’t seem to scale right?


Samsung and I don’t have the full scale image I got these off Google


No worries man, thanks though


Wow you look exactly like 47! Joking aside they are nice wallpapers, but we already have wallpaper thread. This thread is more or less used to upload pictures of our self :slight_smile:



Me and you are the only ones keeping this thread alive. Cheers.

So, I just shaved my head and I’m about to merge myself into Hitman 2. I’m studying the best I can Miami so I can make a good Silent Assassin score on that Elusive.
Some whiskey Red Bull to help my immersion :relaxed:


Sharing is caring, just saying




I’ll help, with my eye:


Mohegan Sun!! Haha. That’s where all the professional billiards :8ball: tournaments are played. Hair looks great BTW


Strange photo shoot with my cat. Ignore the fire extinguisher.



Hey guys! So here’s me on the day the CE came out…

And just another one bc


it me