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You look like you star in a heartwarming movie.


Let me fix that


Work told me to wear my best menswear and moustache yesterday for a Movember event.

I had to paint the moustache on with eyeliner pencil. Was hoping to look like Vito Corleone but so far more people are voting that I look like John Waters.


Are Channing Tatum and John Krasinski your dads


You look like Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds (the Italian scene)


you like the Type of Guy who would challenge James Bond to a game of Baccara. :grin:


Holy shit

20 shits with holes in them


That is the other one that gets brought up.

Sadly I can’t say “Bonjorno” badly enough to carry it off.


I forget sometimes how much I love Inglorious Basterds. Gotta watch it tonight.


Here’s your boi



Remember the strange photo shoot with my cat Moses? Well, it got even weirder:

I think he’s possessed.



beautiful nature, that’s why I love Finland not only for Max Payne


I finally tried contacts, so I bought some shades to celebrate


You look very dapper Dan.


oh??? it’s sunglass time???

it’s sunglass time


Doctor Lafayette is ready to see you.
Old picture from 2 years ago.





So yesterday was a wonderful day for me. Something to remember for ever.
I fired my first weapon. A Colt 1911 with a short slide. In a matter of fact I wanted at all cost to fire, as first gun, a Colt 45 ACP and yesterday I did!

My gym instructor besides being a gym fanatic is also a gun enthusiast and has quite a collection of his own.
Some days ago I was training at the gym and he looks at me and ask’s: Are you free Saturday? I asked why and he told me Because I want to take you to try my Beretta or Colt.
How could I say no?

2 days later we went to the firing range as promise but before heading there he gave me a quick lesson on how to behave with the gun there. Very interesting stuff I learned.
We arrived, he chatted with what I think was the owner of the place or some responsible about me to try just a couple of rounds to see if I like it and at the end there were some discussions that I don’t have a weapon holder license but, he gave me a try anyway just because he saw me passionate about it.
I was accommodated after in an outdoor area with an instructor who gave me the same speech my gym trainer did back at home.
And then there I was alone with a real pistol, an empty mag and a couple of rounds. All I was doing was trying to stay calm and remember every move I was taught step by step.

I started to fill up the mag, put it inside the gun, release the slide, finger NOT on the trigger, put myself in position, gun in line with my sight and then BOOOOM I saw a small burst of flames coming from the gun and then the empty shell popped out.
First thing I said was a blasphemy, pretty common among Italians but I said it with a tone of surprise and excitement. I turned around with a huge smile on my face and looked at my gym instructor full of happiness.
And so I continued. The guy there at some point asked me if it really was my first time and I said yes of course, why?
He told me he was impressed that I was that good. I couldn’t shut up and brought up the story of how I’m into airsoft weapons who pretty much have the same mechanics.
I chatted after with a man at the end of all this and showed him my results. He also was impressed and told me that some police officers comes here once in a while and are not this good.
All I could think was that playing Hitman and imitating him pays off.

My instructor gave me the shell of the first bullet I shot and the folks there gave me my target to keep the memory.
What I learned from yesterday? I FUCKING LOVE GUNS and in time I will make my weapons permit and buy a real weapon.
But I also learned that it’s loud as fuck and movies are very not realistic. I soon discovered why it was mandatory to wear headphones.

From a distance of 13 meters