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Sounds a little bit homo to me.


i love your slightly homo-erotic Writingstyle.


reminds me that in the army, I used to disassemble and clean then assemble the old colt1911 calber45 and 9mm k5 pistols of the officers.
I have never fired once. In the ROK military, only officers, tankers, and special forces have pistols. My personal weapon was a k-2 assult rifle.
I have shot a .38 special revolber and beretta px4, 92 at the out-of-army shooting range.
I was surprised at how accurate the Beretta 92 pistol was.


I don’t know how to play these


You take both drumsticks in your hands and accelerate their tips towards the elements of the drumming device.


Ask Abel Da Silva with fabulous cheekbones for instructions on how to be a “Man-Machine”.


I present you the new member of my family: Hamontaro. Arrived just last night with a rat and while my cats took care of the rat, this poor little critter doesn’t seems adept to survive on it’s own outside, so we’ll keep it.


Well it did was my first time like I said and I liked it.

@MrOchoa hehehe



I was going to post a selfie I took with my crush here from our 10th-grade cruise. I forgot to ask for her consent however and ended up posting it on Instagram that night. I thought she had no problem. Next day, she asked me to take it down. No idea why though. Maybe because I violated her privacy or the fact her face was close to the camera put her in an awkward position…or maybe she didn’t like that I called her my crush…

I know this is unrelated but I was going to post that selfie here but decided not to out of respect for her.

Btw, the selfie looked cringy af so maybe there was a reason I’m not posting it here.


Did you took it down from insta?


None of those sites will get you laid either.


This is the forum gallery thread, @SeanBernowicz used it exactly as it’s intended. Stop being passive aggressiv act.


It’s a form of humor. Not a passive aggressive act.


Why single out Sean though given we are all posting photos here?


Just saw it. :man_shrugging:
I don’t have any beef with him. We never conversed before.
Also to be clear I am not objecting or asking him to stop posting pics.
Your and my sense of humor are in two different alternate universes.


Yes… Evidently.


Taking your forum history into account and your recent activity calling others retarded, forgive me for not giving you the benefit of doubt. But if you say it’s humor, then i’ll have to take your word for it.


Of course.

This text will be blurred


Extra Request: send your cutest Deliveryboy.