The Forum Gallery V3


Clean towels for Mr. Wolf!


But not in the Suit, its more like:

Do you have an Appointment?

Me and Mr Wulff are old Friends.

Then you wont have any Trouble GETTING an Appointment. :stuck_out_tongue:


In my case only pillows


Nope - not accepting any kind of service while you’re wearing that suit! :wink:


I’ll tell you one thing.

If I let you in my room to deliver something dressed like that.

That’ll be the last anyone will see of me


@Nazareth you two only need to worry if I show up with gloves.


It’s 1:30am and I should be studying for an exam but I’m watching funhaus videos and uploading selfies to HitmanForum


What am I doing


Dude! I love how you always have 47s look. Honestly though, you need 17s orange tie and sunglasses. You know, for variety.



Wow you’ve changed since last time you posted a pic xddddddd


Weird question but that’s the Eur 2016 Bosnia shirt, yes? I think I recognize the collar but I’m not sure


Cats have took over his hmf account. It’s Day 47 of disappearance of Vinnie.




Sleeping all day long


Why are you posting pictures of the FLOTUS? This is the forum gallery, not the general news thread :unamused:


There is a … problem with the toilet :smile:


Please see to it… NOW.


Hello … yes im here to take care of the toilet sir.

A little later:

BBBRRROOOAAAAWWWWwwwwwv v v… (47 have now a new outfit on)


I always thought that would have made more sense if only one person showed up to fix the bed/toilet. LoL