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looking upon the encroaching hellscape that will be 2019


i’m drinking Gin at a Friends Birthdayparty - enjoy your weekend, mates!



Merry Christmas, or whatever you prefer to say. :santa: We got our Christmas tree decorated.


Merry Christmas, HMF!



Merry Christmas, I hope you chill and all wear your christmas socks!

I am a bit drunk


I’m home to my mom’s for Christmas to eat lunch.


I visited my father for Christmas yesterday


Damn boy! You and your dad are identical.

:joy: sorry, had to do it.


Cool t-shirt, where did you get it?


Thanks, but its actually a Hoodie. i got it from Amazon, arround the time when Absolution was released, for about 30€ but its a very good quality :slight_smile:


Happy New Year!

Me and my director and the Hitman tie pin.


Happy new year you beautiful people of hmf


Me and my girl going to dress up new year’s party at our friends house.

Btw the flower was the water sprinkling kind :smiley:


Found this sweet Collector’s Edition Box art for Hitman Absolution

I did also get some Collector’s stuff for two other games for pretty cheap

$15 bucks each which ain’t too bad. Little disappointed with Max’s face though.


I finally found out who made the picture at the Gamescom where I had @Clemens_IOI’s hat on.

It was me. duh.

@Fortheseven @Kotti


:joy: this is what happens when urben starts drinking


I must say, that is a beautiful hat :wink:


So this is me in my Student Nurse uniform.
It’s about three sizes too big, but it adequately hides the amount of mince pies and Guinness I consumed over Christmas.