The Forum Gallery V3


Who are you? Where is Lafayette?


He’s sleeping… With the fishes and ducks…



Living meme


Nice mouse though yo


Actually I think that’s a cougar/mountain lion.
Mouse has a much different physique


Lol and I thought everyone would know Puma.


You don’t look old enough to play Hitman.


Nice jumpsuit. That your girl? The readhead in the pic?


He was referencing the mouse on the bed.


Nice tracksuit, the glasses suit you too.


That is no mice, that is a remote control. :wink:



I know



How very observant you all are. Even I missed the mouse on the bed. Yeah @Chef-assassin, that’s my girl. At her place I set up a pc under her tv to game on in bed lol


Looking after Ron again this weekend.


My wife is a redhead too.


My head is a wifered too


I dyed my hair.

It kind of washed off already after two weeks :joy: gonnat get some different color.


Your barbers are Kane and Lynch?


I went out for a night-out with the bois, drove around the city of Hyderabad (southern India) all night on a bike, ate at a few places that are open only at night time. It surely was a good day :smile: