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Your barbers are Kane and Lynch?


I went out for a night-out with the bois, drove around the city of Hyderabad (southern India) all night on a bike, ate at a few places that are open only at night time. It surely was a good day :smile:


Me and my son today, my daughter was off playing.


HOLLY FUC*** is that you Kyle?
You had something for the Hannibal tv show actor. You’re name around here was Tobias reaper


I knew this was a bad idea…I didn’t think anyone would remember me :confounded:.


I do my man! How are you? I asked around here for you but no one knew.
Is this a new born? I remember you had a daughter a little bit older.


Inb4 Jar Jar hits me with the ban hammer :joy:. Don’t ban me Jar Jar I’m being good. I haven’t been around for a long time. @badeaguard I changed my username every week lol. Yeah he’s like three and a half months now. My daughter is 5 in March. I have been better but still alive so there is that haha.


I have you on playstation but I don’t remember your name as I have others from here. Do you have facebook? Search for badeaguard and I’ll pop out. I’m named Alex.


No you can’t see all my horrible photos, I’m a fat bastard these days lol. Depression and being in and out of work will do that to you.


Sorry to hear that. Well if you change your mind you know where to find me.


I will add you I’m just joking, damn you and your elephant memory :joy:.

@badeaguard done.



Playing a different kind of game tonight.


That’s a serious gambling table right there.


Comes with the lamp.

Wish me luck!


Good luck. (20luckycoins)


sick ass wall art!

@BLACKPANTHER_UK it’s ryan gosling! he’s here! just kidding, good seeing you back friend.


My favorite band.

I won/chopped both tourneys we played! Should I buy an RTX card now? lmao!

I credit HMF and @BLACKPANTHER_UK for the good luck I recieved.


Now get your shinebox :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha I don’t look so much like him since I piled on the weight but thanks :yum:.


Shinebox? Am I supposed to understand this reference? :joy:

@Agent.Smith you’re welcome!