The Forum Gallery V3


I might have mistaken you for someone else, my bad


I have no idea? Haha. I remember you, you haven’t changed :joy:. Still causing trouble everywhere you go :yum:.


Nahhh, ill have you know i got voted friendliest hmf member!


Did you fix it like Putin did with trump? :rofl:


One can learn a lot from Putin :yum:


Hah of course we remmeber you. You’ve been undercover this whole time? We thought you’d vanished off the Internet.


One of these is me.


Yes the one on the right on bass guitar? I have checked back a couple of times to see if the forum was still going but didn’t make an account. I made this account when Hitman 2 came out.


Why are you so camera shy?

You’re not the elephant man, even though he was an OG


Hes posted photos here before multiple times. Good looking man :wink::kissing_smiling_eyes:.


I can’t go through 3k+ photos, but the ones I’ve seen, he’s always been looking away

EDIT: I’ve seen enough to guess that that’s @Quinn on the right of the most recent pic he posted.

I’m probably wrong now and will get shit on


Can’t you search for just his posts in this topic? I’m not sure how but I think you can?


I’m not sure either and it’s for the same reason mate - we’re lazy :rofl:


You just have to click on his avatar in this thread (if you’re on PC,it doesn’t work on phone iirc) and you’ll see an option to view only that member’s posts in the thread


Right so…click the search icon at the top (magnifying glass) then click search this topic. Click advanced search then you put Quinn’s username in the search for user bit or whatever it says. Then hit search and hey pesto you see Quinn in all his glory.

It doesn’t but my way does, I’m on phone.


Thanks everyone for the information, but sorry, I have made it come across like I care more than I do.


But but, everyone needs to bask in Quinn’s glory at least once…

@Agent.Smith That took me at least 2 minutes to find out so you better just go search ok :joy:.



We are supposed to be getting snow in the UK but I’m yet to see a single snowflake.


From the mitten.