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It’s snowing in quite a few places I’ve heard. Are you in the midlands?


East Midlands yes…


I’m in the Midlands too. It snowed last year due to the Beast from the East but that was the first snow in years. We don’t get much around here.


Me and my daughter :heart:.



Taking a nap with Tyson


It finally started to snow in here. A thing that I hate.
About not even a week ago you could still see the grass on the ground and now out of nowhere it started snowing without stopping.

Just in one day it accumulated a meter and a half. Not my job to make a path but I decided it’s better to do so for the coworkers who starts their shift in the morning. An easy access at least.
Tomorrow I have to dig out my car. For now it has the shape and size of a camper.

By the power of the Hitman cap and the Hitman Symbol, I did it!



all work and no play makes @badeaguard a dull boy :grin:


Shit, can’t imagine the mass panic in the UK if it was this bad :joy:. We lose our heads over a few inches and a temperature drop. Nice to see you in a video and hear your voice!


Legit, we’d end up killing each other for food.


Oh man, you guys have it sooo rough. I mean, its not like you have to get through -29 days.


You already heard me once on the ps4. I remember you have one sexy british accent :smirk:
@MrOchoa oh I did a good job.

There were people on the street stopping to cheer me and make photo/videos with me because it was quite impressive what I manage to dig up.
At the end I did it!

It came down almost 2 meters in one day and one night.



I know I remembered right after I posted, it was a long time ago. It’s good to hear it again anyway!

I wish that were true however I have the most monotone voice known to man.


I’ve been busy today…


i have the weirdest Boner right now, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t decide if it’s human or from a pork.


All pork :slight_smile:


Mmh German butcheries look different.


Yeah,I heard you’ve been busy alright,busy killing drug barons,busy taking over.Don’t forget about us Tommy,cause I can assure you-I ain’t forgotten about you