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Way to march!

Copyright is a cunt, I believe in free culture


I am actually for a modernization of the copyright. I just want a fair one and not one that feels more ancient than the current one.


How do you create one that supports free content access but gets the creator paid?

Advertisements is the only answer I can think of


it would be too much for this thread starting this. The copyright laws are a huge mess. If you manage to get more money from somewhere it would mostly fall into the hands of agencies/labels and so on. It needs to be redone from the scratch. And I say that as someone who usually tries to fix things first.




Visiting my mum this weekend and dug out this old picture of my parents from 1977. Old School Cool.


Your mum is or at least was a very attractive woman. You look like your a lot like your dad.


That’s so 70’s


Enjoy this much better photo of me


I see that sneaky edit :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn, you`re handsome one!



Recently went to HomgKong, Bali, Singapore, and Honolulu. Here’s a couple pics…



…a Place filled with Mystery and Excitement, or so they say. not really my Scene.


That 3rd photo down is Bali but I took specifically bc it reminded me of Lee Hongs house. The 4th one is of Kowloon Park in Hong Kong. I was going to dig up the “so this is Hong Kong…” opening to the first level in C47 and post those pics separately with the script text but I got lazy.


Which place you talkin bout?


Never played Codename 47, eh?


Hong Kong, obviously :joy:



The dumb part is I am past this point in my C:47 career.
@badeaguard I have never completed though. @MrOchoa I know it’s your favorite.

RIP memory