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Oh my God lol @Quinn you look just like your dad, wow! And your mom looks very familiar to me for some reason. But nice looking couple.


Those are great shots man. Beautiful scenery. What brought you to Hong Kong?


My one year wedding anniversary. My wife wanted to go to Bali for a week. You have to make a connection or two no matter how you decide to go. We decided to go Chicago to Hing Kong and stay two nights, then Hong Kong to Bali for 5 nights, Bali to Singapore for 1 night, and then fly home Singapore to San Francisoco followed by San Francisco to Chicago without staying any nights. At least that was the plan…

It all happened according to that plan until we got to the aeroport in Singapore. We kept our phones off (which was heavenly) until we were in the Singapore aeroport. Our friends were also on vacation. They were in Tokyo and we’re heading to Honolulu for a couple nights. They invited us to join them and we didn’t really want to end our vacation so we called an audible. We flew Singapore to San Francisco but there was no easy way to get to Honolulu from there (plenty of flights but they were all oversold), so we had only 90 minutes to jump on a flight to LA. We got a cheap hotel room for about 5 hours and then went back to LAX to get on the morning flight to Honolulu for 2 nights with our friends and then took the direct flight to Chicago. We did over 25,000 miles. Thankfully the only two times we were in coach was the 5 hours from HKG to Bali and the 8 hours from Honolulu to Chicago.


Wow, you must be loaded. What’s your street address?


Or perhaps I work for an aeroline? (-;
I live downtown Chicago. I can walk to the Art Institute, Soldier Field, and Grant Park (which is where Lollapalooza is thrown every year).


I’m from Detroit, I’m familiar with Chicago.

Yeah, you don’t work for no damn airline.


DTW is the only place that has a cooler under the runway tunnel than ORD. Ours is the original cool under the runway lights, but your glowing tunnel thing is pretty amazing. I don’t fly through Detroit often, but I always make sure I have some time to go find that tunnel, even if I don’t need to go by it to reach my gate.


Thought you were wearing a sweater in your Hong Kong pic and nearly shed a tear at your bravery


I believe it’s a t shirt.


That’s great man, you were just all over the place, huh lol sounds like you had a great time and what are the odds your friends were on vacation as well. That’s awesome! Also, congratulations to both you and your wife on your first year! :clinking_glasses::champagne: Definitely an excuse to celebrate, I’m glad you guys had fun


Thank you! We had a blast.




Not a clone. Before and after head shaving.


You’re a clone.


i love that typical MKII look of yours :heart:


@badeaguard you should definitely slap a 2⃣ sticker on your forehead in the second pic :rofl:

@badeaguard VS The Cooler @badeaguard


I put a sticker on my lion image



New color! :smiley:


My running outfit