The Forum Gallery V3


My bank heist outfit.


My ninja assassin outfit.


It reminds me of Ras al ghul from “batman the dark knight” :smile:



Sweet little critters. Gotta admit sometimes it gets tedious to find their hiding spots.


Are you straight from Miami? :slight_smile:


Didnt you noticed this Weirdo in the bright Shirt behind you?


I was too busy eating



You look like you’re watching Trump give a speech.


Ha! You’re assuming I have the patience to watch his speeches


You have a great hairline. Why do you take so many selfies though?


I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard that before haha

What do you mean by this?


You post a lot of selfies. Scroll up and you’ll see.
Never heard that? Dude some guys lose hair at 18 years old. You are blessed.


I know. It’s not because I’m vain or anything.

Well thank you


Because he’s a teenager


Damn millenials! With their ‘self-ies’ and their avocado on toast…


And their spelling and grammar…



This close to Patties day we’re ALL :shamrock: Irish


What’s wrong with Avocado on toast?


A through back to the one of the images we all saw when [H I T M A N [ 2 ] was announced: