The Forum Gallery V3


SHOW YOURSELF ALREADY! Cool pics by the way


The more I look at that picture, the more I wish 47 held his pistols with two hands and not like the proud peacock he currently seems to be emulating (puffed out chest, dramatically swivelled body, etc.)


Some pictures from the dog walk today, snow was pretty


Look at all that beautiful virgin snow…

Makes you wanna fuck it.


Post a pic of your dog!


feeling comfortable in my own skin lately woooooo


Hi guys, maybe one of you can help me. I’m on a train and trying to use the toilet but it says toilet paper only. Where do I put the poo?!


Interestingly, Arnold was originally set to play Kyle Reese (opposite OJ Simpson who was supposed to play the T-800). Also Arnold was already a star as he made THE TERMINATOR after already breaking out as CONAN THE BARBARIAN.


Lmao :laughing:

20 toilet paper rolls


you poo into your hand and start flinging it around the train like a monkey you’re welcome x


“Look mom, this guy is giving a shit!”


Thanks man, appreciate it :slight_smile:
Well I like to keep myself under low profile, but here is a little more for you guys :smile:

A little fun one here: