The Forum Gallery V3


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actually, that’s @Kent :smiley:


btw, please tell me you’re planning on introducing yourself as “administrator slash male model” from now on…

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“CEO / model”, but yeah :wink:

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Is that you, or are you posting a pic from a movie or something.

If that is you, why are you in a “dead lovers” pose. And what is the hand in the upper left corner. Why are you both holding flowers. Why are the bedsheets deliberately sexuality-inducing pink silks. Why are you guys both dressed like you’re trying to recreate the ending of Romeo and Juliet or something.

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Because @Jarbinger is a drama queen, duh!

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I was at a Dr Sketchy’s where they had the models (a very sexy lady called Coppellia Jane - and Santa Claus) posing on the bed. After the event a I made a joke of lying on the bed to see how comfy it was and Copellia put the flowers in my hands and the photographer laughed and wanted to take some shots. It was morbid, I liked it, and the shots came out great.

@Ampburner: I do have a slightly more dramatic one I could have used:

I’m the one not holding a meat cleaver.


@Jarbinger I’ll always think of you as the cross-dresser from the old gallery.

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You didn’t strike me as someone who goes to burlesque clubs, or whatever the hell an establishment is called where chicks walk around in pasties. (vintage strip club, erotic cabaret?) What does “Dr Sketchy’s” classify as? We don’t get too many of those in these parts.
There’s a strip club nearby that I wanted to set foot in but it’s members only and expensive as f*ck.
I’m going to be going to an “adult massage” sometime before the end of 2014, I haven’t entered the venue yet but I have reason to believe it’s also one of those “happy ending” massges. It’ll be my first ever time seeing a pair of b00bs that aren’t on a computer screen. I can’t fucking wait. I’m more excited about this event, than the release of ACU and further news on H6.

exploring sexuality > gaming


Dr Sketchy’s is an “anti-art class” started by New York artist Molly Crabapple. Where after tiring of unnecessarily dull life drawing classes (drawing live models, usually nude) she asked “why can’t life drawing be sexy?”. So she started hosting life drawing classes where the models were burlesque performers, strippers, avant garde artists, etc.

I don’t really go to strip clubs that often, mostly because they’re expensive. I do go to burlesque shows which are cheaper (particularly since nobody is selling lapdances) and usually more creative since the idea is to create a unique and sexy show rather than grind for tips. I’m actually going to one tonight… with the same group of performers where I got tied up.

@Agent_17: I need to make sure there’s instructions in my will for that photo to be displayed proudly at my funeral.


Strapped for cash? Or just frugal?

So you’re going to a burlesque show, with burlesque dancers as spectators? It’s very in-and-in sounding. Like feeding a chicken a KFC meal.



I prefer to spend my cash on other things and currently I’m trying to save money in preparation for my girlfriend moving over here (she’s from New Zealand). I also just generally refuse to be the guy who goes to a strip club and doesn’t spend money - it’s just rude.

Burlesque girls are one of the most common attendees to burlesque shows. They go to enjoy the other girls shows, support their friends, get ideas, hang out with like minded people and see sexy shows. The girl in the photo above, Frankie Vandellous, is a friend of mine and recruited me as an extra for one of her performances. This time I’m just going as an audience member… I think.


You guys wanna see a drunken mirror selfie? Of course you do.


Everybody’s looking DOpe.

here’s me, damn gotta quit smoking…


I thought you lost your right hand in 127 Hours.


That is Richard Madden, actor from game of thrones. Not Dark sider, or James Franco.


Oh! Haha…Hi Kent! Um…don’t remember you having a goatee?

Agent 17, you haven’t changed a bit. What’s the secret potion? You can tell me, I won’t let the others know, give you my word.


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If the passengers will look to their right, you will see a sad man.


Finally got myself a smart phone, so i can grace you with a selfie:

oh and yes i’m a nurse.