The Fusil G1-4/C

So this weapon is rare right? Not heard much on it. For those that don’t know, it’s the Carbine version of the Assault Rifle


Where do you get it?

Never saw it. Where did you find it?

It’s located in the yard of the school where the dance EE happens. I was shooting up the place and saw it on the floor. I believe the guard shooting at the firing range uses it. I can get pictures at the risk of the 2004 mobile to tv quality.

Yes, I got it off the guard that shoots at the range target. So you pretty much have to kill them all to get it.

I got it… just have to wait for my damn screenshots to sync so I can upload them.

@Festus Yeah pretty much. Nice little find.

@Spoderman LOL

Some better, non-potato quality screenshots:

But it’s french…47 will most likely surrender when he got that weapon in its hands :smirk:


Hehe… I get that joke

So you get that one instantly, but the Jaime one took you a little while?:frowning: Im dissapointed

IOI is giving us a hint that there will soon be weapon customization. Attachments, scopes, grips, stocks, suppressors. Don’t ask where I got the info on this, but I may or may not have brushed passed the devs at E3 overhearing a conversation.



Maybe because Jaime couldn’t surrender with that weapon in his hands? Get it? :sweat_smile:

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Poor Jaime :frowning: He’s such a decent fellow

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~ "I’ll send for your child and I kill it, because I don’t care for anyone."
Internet: "FUCK YOU!"
Fortheseven: “He’s such a decent fellow”

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I believe he actually said he’d catapult it over the castle walls, but I see what you’re getting at.

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Yeah, I don’t remember what he exactly said. The point was… the point.

He loves his siblings and his children, he saved Brienne from certain death, he killed the Mad King saving thousands/millions, he saved his little brother.

Not saying he’s flawless, but i love the guy

Yeah, he had some kind of half-redemption arc over the series, but he’s still the villain in the end. The incest, the Bran-pushing, no this, with the kid… If I have to choose Lannister, Tyrion would be the choice. Tyrion is without a doubt one of the best characters in the series, I can’t help it.