The future of Lucas Grey/Shadow Client


So I made this thread to discuss the future of Lucas Grey, also known als The Shadow Client. To me, it’s quite unclear what IOI wants with him. His behaviour and role changed completely in Hitman 2 and he’s almost the opposite of what he was in Hitman Season One. I’ve seen a lot of opinions about him and his possible role in the future Hitman game(s), and I want to give some more attention to this, cause it seems the subject is quite a big thing. I myself have two theories of how the role of Lucas Grey could play out, and I wanted to share them with you, and discuss about it.

In S1 Lucas was quite a mysterious and defensive character. He’s targeting Providence for what they have done to him and 47 in the past, and he wants revenge. He is litterly shadowing 47’s career but at the time we don’t know why. In Hitman 2 we get to know what’s the reason behind this, and once 47’s really knows about his past and is on board with the plan, Lucas turns into a whole other man.

Theory 1: Partnership

Lucas Grey wants to revenge Providence for his childhood trauma, and wants his ‘brother’ (47) to help him. He knows 47 is the best at what he does, and is lead by the ICA, which makes the change of succeeding quite big once they are on board. With the help of them and brilliant hacktivist Olivia Hall on his side they can easily revenge Providence for what they did to the boys. Lucas Grey wants nothing more than justifying them with the help of his best friend and long lost brother 47. What happens after the current story is done is that 47 and Lucas continue their live as brothers/business partners, and we will probably see more of Lucas in the future. Maybe even as a companion.

Theory 2: Betrayal

Lucas wants to revenge Providence for his childhood trauma, and uses 47 and Diana to achieve this. Lucas Grey is in fact a mentally ill killer who’s really desperate to take a whole secret organisation down on his own, which he can’t. His whole life he is planning revenge and making conspiracy theories on how and where to take them down. He knows he can’t do it alone, so he started to follow the minimal amount of tracks 47 left behind, and desperately wants to come in contact with him so he can use him for his plans. By the time of Hitman 2 Lucas is probably around 55 years, just like 47. In all those years after the brainwash he’s been searching and planning. He must have turned insane by then. Now he’s putting up a ‘bromance’ act to convince 47 and Diana to go along with him, but by the time he succeeded (which is pretty close since we captured the Constant), he will betray 47 and either tries to escape by going his own way OR tries to kill 47. He will obviously fail at that and we will kill him.


Here’s a little poll for you guys to choose what you want with him:

  • Lucas Grey will become a partner and we will see him again
  • Lucas Grey betrays 47 and is killed in an attempt to get away with it

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What do you guys think and hope is gonna happen? I personally hope it turns out to be theorie 2. He was build up as the perfect antagonist with the whole ‘Shadow Client’ thing and him using the ICA for his own good. Please share your thoughts below so we can discuss!


SPOILERS: "They're Going To Have to Kill Her Off to Fix This...."

There are small bits of information which indicate Lucas has a codex for minimal casualties. Like the phone call of Raynard regarding her operation. That means for me he is sane enough to not freak out.

Hitman went on with very little “cast” and I can imagine IO tries to include new roles into it. So I think even if he turns out being no ally, he will not die at the end of the plot.



Of course it’s betrayal. What a ludicrous story



Would Grey really be that stupid? he knows exactly what 47 is capable of and that he is a far better assassin than himself. I really can’t see the 3 of them disbanding?

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I can see betrayal in his future, he will no doubt be a target one day. He will be able to shoot back or kill you somehow if you fuck up.

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I love the character, I would have no issue with him being a playable character in future (not replacing 47, but either optional for replays, or with his own missions).



I’d be cool with him just being an alternative skin. I can’t see that happening though, not that type of game really.



I’d say that by 2, his character was put into context. It’s a type of misdirection tactic to give the players a ‘twist’, or ‘Ah-ha!’ moment.

I can’t see any reason why he would try to betray 47. If that’s his or some other higher secret organization’s plan - then they had plenty of opportunities to do so… Hell, even in Colorado when Lucas had him in his sniper scope. Of course, the very idea would depend on Lucas or another Org using 47 for a while to do their dirty work. But the overall impression is that, at this point, it’s a mutual objective… To go after… Whoever (I’m sure that’ll be revealed by 3). Such as the other people seen in the virtual meeting space.

In short. A betrayal doesn’t makes sense, and if it does happen, that wouldn’t seem like very good story telling, because to do so, to get to that point would require even more twists and betrayals / double-crosses, etc. to where it’d just become ridiculous. And implying that 47 killed Diana’s parents was skirting that territory. (IMO) IOI may have to treat this situation they’ve created very carefully.

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Yeah I also don’t think a betrayal makes sense. Lucas has proven himself a brilliant strategist, and as mentioned earlier recognises 47 as the best at what he does, and they have a connection like not even Diana has with him. Why would Lucas burn that bridge? It would have to be for the absolute ultimate reward to be worth the risk. I just don’t see it.

Lucas seems to get shat on around here, but I really like his character. I think calling his and 47’s relationship a “bromance” does it a disservice. I’d be quite happy seeing him stay on as an ally, at least for 1 more season/until Providence is destroyed.

Let the man have his vengeance!



Grey will sacrifice himself for 47 and/or Diana



My theory is he will just up and vanish after the partners are dead. But for the ballots sake I voted “partners then?”. Grey is not so stupid as to betray him, he was the one that arrange all of his S1 contracts or at least knew the type of job the ICA send 47 out to do.



I don’t think Subject 6 will betray 47, it’s simply not in his character or in his character setup. His goal have always been to reconnect with 47 to carry out their revenge plan. That said I do think he will die later on towards the end of the “Providence Saga” and it will end with the downfall of Providence.

I think Subject 6 will die at the hands of a Providence top agent, a character that could rival 47 and subject 6. In the same way as The Albino Clone and Mr.17 was rivals to 47.

After the Providence Saga ends we will see a new separate storyline inside the universe. Just like it’s been the case with previous games.



I agree. Although there’s no guarantee it’ll happen, the partnership is more likely to happen then the betrayal. There’s no set-up for it and nothing for Grey to gain.



Oh my god, no! Please no! I knew this would get brought up eventually (which is why I’m hoping he betrays 47 and we get to kill him)

I don’t wanna play Hitman as anyone else but 47. I know some games let you play as different people, but it would just really feel very wrong to me to do that with Hitman. Please just stick to 47.

Also, another reason I feel he will betray 47 is the fact of his quote from H2 “Silent Assassin”

47: “Never trust anyone and rely on your instincts. Forget the past.”

And in Hitman, it seemed 47 didn’t really trust him from the get go (until after his serum injection :roll_eyes:) which I think that “serum” could have been easily altered by Lucas, to make 47 “think” that’s what really happened.

And I feel after the Colorado mission in the cutscene, Lucas just got him in his sights to prove to himself that he was indeed capable of killing 47 if he really wanted to. Basically just to boost his ego sort of thing. (Obviously he wasn’t gonna shoot him right then and there as he still needed him.)

But I really think (and hope) Lucas later becomes a target. I just can’t buy into the fact that he is a “brother” of 47. Makes me cringe every time I think of it! And if he is… well, I think we learned from past games his “brothers” can not be trusted (48 series, Agent 17)

I choose betrayal scenario… 47 don’t need anyone as an assassin partner. He’s the best at what he does and can manage just fine by himself when doing his job. (Only relying on Diana for recon and support and offering him contracts.)

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Not true. Maybe he would betray him to prove that he’s better than 47. (Which he will undoubtedly fail at) but maybe he just wants to be the one to take down the legend. People don’t always betray for financial gain. Egos can be dangerous lol



It would feel weird at this point if they twisted him back into a villain, character arcs this straightforward don’t go adversary-friend-adversary, it will be adversary-friend-dead. He will remain a friend/ally until he is removed.



Well whatever. If that’s the case too, fine. Let’s just get Grey out of the picture. This “bromance” is Bullshit lol



I agree, the character was far more compelling (that is, not very) when he was on the other side of the table. I’d prefer the focus to be back on 47 and Diana, which the ending of H2 seems to indicate.




If anything, (if Lucas really does have no plans on betraying 47) have it at the end where he saves 47’s life somehow.

For example; 47 was about to get shot (from behind) by say The Constant.

47 is unaware, Lucas sees this, Lucas jumps in front of 47, 47 realizes what happens, 47 shoots The Constant, Constant dies, 47 rushes over to Grey and they have a touching story before Grey dies by 47’s side. 47 is alone in the world once more




Urgh, I’d find that more sickening than if he stayed on permanently. It’s such a basic bitch way to remove him from the story.