The future of Lucas Grey/Shadow Client


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Surprisingly I haven’t heard this one before, but I love it.

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear…

What were you, his estate agent? :joy: You spun him a mad porky with that one!


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I love that and how it comes back around. Brilliant stuff.


We are few but we are loud!!!

Yeah but have you ever seen Ghostbusters 2? That makes me doubt the quote

No I am his broker, I also did showings for Arafat, Ghadaffi, The Ayatollah, Netenyahu, Elvis and Hitler (Shit I wasn’t supposed to disclose the last one)

I am sorry but have you read MY stuff. I spent two hours fixing IO’s mess with my damn pseudo fanfiction.


Yes I did, don’t worry :joy: You sound like a true writer, I’m with you mate.

That Bourne series though… :heart_eyes:


Yes I just checked and you like my yuge slabs. My slabs are the best and the biggest slabs.


I was writing a piece for the short story thread, but keep playing the game instead if finishing it. Need to up my discipline!


If I didn’t have to go to sleep I would finish up that season 3 write up. I have some ideas I need to write down. They involve a disused US military base and social media HQ.


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There is nothing wrong with soy milk except for the environmental destruction that occurs to plant soy crops.



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Almond milk is probably the least environmentally damaging form of non-cooking milk. But remember that almonds when consumed in large quantities can be lethal.


So is anything else though, technically.


True but some types of almonds can kill you outright in relatively small numbers. Luckily almond milk is made of the incredibly safer sweet almond.


Also I just remembered that almonds require abnormally large amounts of water to grow so they are still capable of environmental impact.


I honestly liked Lucas Grey in Season 1. It’s the toning down and becoming best buds that has soured my opinion of the character.


For the love of my personal entertainment,please continue


Yeah. He said that in reference to how they wrote the original GHOSTBUSTERS and VACATION films.

He was saying he didn’t know if the audience would be kids or adults and decided that rather than think about that it was better to just write the kind of (funny) story that appealed to his best intelligence over what could happen if certain things were true and if characters acted with a certain logical step to them.

If you watch his work you will notice characters act more or less like real people do when acting out their urges or poorer judgment during bad situations.


OK so one guy asked for it during the night and that is all it takes. My season 3 is shaky since the ideas are not based on any particular framework but none the less. Oh this is my longest piece yet.

47, LG and the Inner Circle decide to make a move against The Constants named trustees to liberate the identities of the Ort-Meyer projects backers.

Computer Games- The three named trustees are all rich and high-profile bankers so killing one of them will force the others to go to the ground so they need to draw all three to one location. All three trustees are friends with Tim Quinn the new CEO of Quantum Leap. Quinn is attending a business incubator in Chicago scoping out competition and look for potential allies. 47 kills Quinn and leaves.

The Funeral Plan: With the Carlysle, Stuyvesant and Ingram family heads in one place for a memorial service for Quinn. 47 heads to Castalia the ancient historic mansion owned by another Old Money American family. 47 proceeds to assassinate the trustees and in return The Constant reveals the names of the financiers. The Constant announces he intends to return to Providence since Providence in some form or another has existed for a lengthy time. 47 could care less but Grey is indignant.

The Result Of Previous Training

To the surprise of everyone an ICA higher-up is one of the financiers. His support for the project born out his obession with finding the perfect assassin. He is now an executive trainer assigned to Palmeral Atoll, an island chain near the Philippines. Formerly a base under construction during the Spanish-America War, the US army upgraded and completed the structure during the Second World War then it was a facility for Operation Ivy testing. Now the base was purchased by the ICA for use as a training facility. 47 kills The Trainer and leaves for the second target.

The High Standard Of Living

The second target is Jean-Marie Synclair a former beauty model who hoped the secret for long lasting beauty would be the result of the cloning project. It wasn’t and she felt condemed to fade away due to the vicissitudes of ageing. An extensive world traveller even into her twilight years she is taking a snow vacation in Whistler, a ski resort town in Canada. 47 returns from his mission with Diana and Grey discussing whether continued assault against Providence and aligned people is viable. 47 still doesn’t care and asks about the third funder.

The Ballard Of The Sunless Mercenaries

One of the backers Roland Sigurdsson did the discourtesy of dying to the hands of a fellow merc during Operation Condor. 47 and Grey reason if they can’t kill Roland they can kill the killer, another mercenary Eryk Van Owen. A man of danger, Van Owen is currently engaging in illegal poaching in a game reserve in central Africa with the rest of his old platoon. 47 engages with the mercenary in a forward camp in Kenya and kills the Mercenary.

All Along The Border

An attempt to create a flawless and obedient son and unit of soldier’s North Korean Military Minister Jin Po (Let’s not pussyfoot about it Po was a Kim substitute). However the fact that Po is locked behind the world’s most oppressive regime. Luckily Po is responsible for scrapping installations along the DMZ. This mission will be unique in that 47 HAS to make it look like an accident or a poisoning so as to not spark an international incident.

Postcards From Green Hell

The perfect being to withstand ecological devestation that was the desire for Alejandro Paulo. Now an the environmental minister for Brazil he is visiting a disaster area, a wildfire that had started and has now turned internal and international attention to environmental and political corruption in Brazil. 47 assassinates the sinister minister and retrieves files revealing mass corporate interference in the government. Back at base the Fellowship watch a GNN report on rioting in the nation. As the Fellowship discuss the ethics of dramatically upsetting global order for the sake of revenge 47 makes it clear he will kill the last financier.

What Lies In Ruins
The ability to read memories using genetic code that was what Samuel Corrigan wanted. The advancement of historical knowledge he had his arch-rival treasure hunter Daniel Flynn foot the bill for a gene and cloning project. So Flynn now has to die with 47 being unaware of the true backer. Flynn is currently on a dig in Belize for Mayan ruins. Flynn dies and 47 thinking his job is done returns but as he does a message for him comes up. A nice friendly message from an Alexsander Kovac appears showing him restarting the Providence cloning program in a facility in Croatia.

The Stem Cell Altercation
Kovac has a new lab established in an underwater based near Hvar, Croatia. 47 infiltrates the undersea base via the above ground villa. 47 proceeds to kill Alexsander Kovac then he proceeds to delete the data on the cloning project but then a warning shot glances 47’s shoulder as the real Kovac who used a twin as a bullet shield comes out. He rants about how 47 is “not the first, the last or even the best now”. Kovac dies and as he does curls up bleeding like Ort-Meyer at the end of one. Diana says that Grey has allowed them to resume an ICA life in exchange for the occasional favour hit. Grey and his Sanctum continue Providence hits.

The Stinger
Bitch you though I was done? Nah mate I gotta set up the sequel for money and fun. So there is a shot of Providence men in Ether biohazard suits cleaning up the Hvar lab and retrieving cached data. The Constant is adressing how his role has been expanded and is addressing a new group of people. He explains that additional roles have been added to give Providence a greater sense of cohesion. "The new people ask who they are to the TC “trustees? Board? Maintenance Crew?” and he says “Partners then?”. The newly dubbed Partners ask if he needs help securing his position he says he already has an enforcer and suddenly behind him is a figure wreathed in shadow but we see it… two distinctive and cool blue eyes.(I should state it is NOT 47) re-cut to credits.


Looking back at the poll, I’m quite surprised most people voted for the Shadow Client being killed. This might also be for the people who think he dies in an act to save 47’s(?) life?

If he dies I hope it’s not in a lame, emotional way but rather cold and shocking. Probably everyone agrees it’s a big anticlimax if Lucas Grey dramatically jumps in front of 47 to save him from a bullet. I personally want him to either betray 47 and get’s killed in cold blood or he kills himself, if he dies.


This is really Change Resistance at work.

I do feel like the fanbase’s view is that Hitman has only recovered from a bad story trip in the form of HITMAN: ABSOLUTION, that it was too soon to try another personal story in the comics (which I hear is much derided) and in HITMAN 2.

So it is understandable everyone just wants Lucas Grey to die.

Also, because psychologically, it was originally “our” mission (as 47) to kill Lucas Grey for money and because we’re a “Hitman/Killer-for-hire” we’ve been left in that mode and see it as unfinished business.

The mode of a Hitman player is every contract has been an attempt by 47/us to eliminate someone and that other person always tries to stave off elimination. Every target in H1, Mark Faba, etc etc. that’s the conflict.

That’s the only conflict we ever needed… So Lucas Grey getting a pass… when the rule of the business is we put him six feet under… that’s rubbing a lot of people off the wrong way methinks.


They might have that Hunter/Killer mode but I have my Oh-God-Don’t-Introduce-Another-Clone-Brother-Just-Too-Kill-Him-Off Mode.

Why must every single thing IO make just wither away and die in a corner? Even bad shit like Victoria or Birdie could be something with potential if done right. If they could just stick with an idea longer than one game.