The future of Lucas Grey/Shadow Client


Honestly, I thought they same exact thing lmao how cliché I know… but honestly at this point I just don’t care. I want Grey gone, this story sucks lol


I just want that intruding, smelly looking mofo and his melodramatic antics out of the picture quickly as possible, no matter how. He annoys me to no end.


And here’s me thinking Lucas looks like a baller :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes haha

Betrayal and we kill him, or he dies as a hero?
Whatever… I’m just not buying him as a character teaming up with 47.



He looks to me like he smells of moldy dust and never washed clothes, sorry, can’t help it :joy:


Would you prefer a Russian Prostitute?

(Edit: as 47’s temp partner. Not generally)


Uh… what?? :thinking::laughing:

But no… what if prefer is to have 47 and just 47. And a contract.

Not a complicated unnecessary Bromance bullshit story lol


I was referencing the Hitman movie. Have you not seen it? Lucky you.


Ah yes now I get it lol but yea I saw them… both (let’s not open up that can of worms lol)


It’s just this current story is just filled with unnecessary uninteresting drama the title of this Hitman should just be called “Greys Anatomy” :laughing:


I like the team that we have.

Diana with her ICA contacts and resources
Olivia the Hacker
Grey the Strategist
47 the Assassin

That’s a strong team to go up against something as strong as Providence.


I could see them becoming enemies again after Providence is taken down, but not because of aomething like betrayal.

Like 47, Grey was designed and trained to kill. It’s his purpose, and I imagine that once Providence is gone he won’t just stop what he’s doing. He might set his sights on other organizations like the ICA. This would put the two back at odds again, but without oversimplifying their relationship.


47 is literally capable of all 3. That’s what I’m saying. We don’t need this “team” all 47 needs is Diana to offer him the contracts, 47 is more than capable of carrying them out on his own. In my opinion Grey is just a less dorky Agent Smith lol he’s annoying and unnecessary. And let’s be honest, the story isn’t anything new.

Two guys from same background were used, now he teams up with a buddy to raise hell and take revenge on “the bad guys”

Just have Grey die as a hero (as cliché as that is) and put this ridiculous story to rest so we can go back to being the worlds best Assassin doing what we do best… Contract Killing!


There’s still nothing in the story that has even hinted to that outcome. If it does happen then it’ll be half baked.


Well there really is only two outcomes here.

Friend or Foe. It HAS to be one or the other…

I’m just saying; IO, pick one and move on lol leave the story telling within the targets themselves. To me that’s more interesting than this “bromance” thing we got going on.

Hitman should just be a game about a hired gun taking out interesting targets. That’s where the stories should be. Within the targets themselves.

Think of Hitman: Contracts for example… there wasn’t really this huge story being told. Mostly all the targets were random with their own unique storylines that didn’t really intertwine with the main “story.”

We had a contract and carried it out, heard some interesting stories within each level, then moved on to the next. All random and unique and it was still a fun interesting game in my opinion


No, 47 is the best assassin. He can’t hack like Olivia, or strategise around Providence like Grey, or utilise the ICA like Diana. You want people who bring something unique to the table, not a jack of all trades for the entire problem.

It actually is though. We haven’t had a storyline like this in a Hitman game before.


47 is a born startegise. He was literally made for it and he was the best out of all his “brothers” including Grey. Along with Diana’s Intel and 47’s skills, there is no doubt in my mind they could take down Providence. They were up against just as powerful and succeeded. Now 47 may not be like Olivia, but he could no doubt learn. If we leaned anything from the current game is that 47 is literally a jack of all trades.

Yeah… and we honestly don’t need one like this either :laughing:


Yes, but specifically around Providence? Lucas Grey has made it his life mission and has run rings around Providence before 47 and Diana joined up. You may not like him, but the man knows what he’s fucking doing.

They have the Constant tied to a chair in a cargo ship, I don’t think they have time for 47 to learn to become an expert hacker.

That is an awful use of “literally”, haha. No, 47 gets by, he can pass himself off as a drummer, or chef or whatever he needs, but he isn’t gonna out-drum an actual drummer or out-chef an actual chef.


Have you played the bonus mission Patient Zero?? He seemed to know more about a book written by the actual author in such a small amount of time. Is 47 an author? No. But he was a better one than the actual author lol 47 can outbeat anyone at anything it’s in his DNA


No, he deconstructed a bad story, he didn’t write a better one. There’s a difference.

I think we’ll have to agree to disagree.