The future of Lucas Grey/Shadow Client


Yeah but if you remember he had the Author at a loss for words… 47 obviously was a better story teller than the guy who actually wrote the damn book, so… :man_shrugging:


Yes I concur

20 characters …


i want him to die, i dont like neither him nor the stupid Providence Retcon.


Sorry but that logic doesn’t follow :joy:


He “out-drummed” Abel de Silva in Club 27 and “out-cheffed” (I don’t know how to use that term properly) the Hokkaido chefs when making Fugu fish for Yuki Yamazaki (she mentions it)


Hmmm OK so why is there so much hatred for Lucas? He seems like a pretty badass character and has a great voice, as iconic as 47’s imo. I wish he lives ultimately and goes on his own way, living his life peacefully after taking down Providence schmucks while still being in touch with 47. But the over dramatic and clichéd way the story has bee going n so far and seems to be heading suggest otherwise, he’ll die 47’s arms in a very dramatic scene as suggested by @Clover :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Abel never got to play, so no, he didn’t.

And he didn’t out-chef the chefs in Hokkaido; they were banned from using fugu, not incapable of using it.


Just noticed we’ve reached 47 posts :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, my argument really wasn’t meant to specifically say he outdid them. It was poorly worded. I meant to say that 47 could perfectly become as skilled as Grey or Hall, since he is the best clone out there he would obviously be better than Grey and I’m sure if he actually tried to get better he would be a great hacker too. He can already deactivate security cameras, destroy a virus via a computer (though I’m sure it’s because of the dongle, but still), etc. He just focuses on killing.


How not?? 47 seemed to know more about the characters and book than the guy who actually wrote the damn novel?? So yeah, 47 beat someone at their own game :wink:


I think he said that logic doesn’t follow because you said he was a better storyteller, not that he knew the book better.

(This is what I meant)


Ok my fault. That’s what I meant… not that 47 was a better story teller, but the fact he knew more about a book he didn’t even write lol

Andddd 47 making the bare knuckle boxer when posing as a bartender. A recipe nobody knew how to make. In the words of Novikov “Finally a professional”

47 was also a better Helmut Kruger and when he posed as Lafayette he was good enough to get Caruso to confess that he killed his mother. Something the REAL Lafayette could not do. So 47 makes a better psychologist as well haha


Deconstructing a bad story isn’t the same as being a better storyteller. I don’t know how else to explain that… A film critic who is hard on a film isn’t therefore a better filmmaker. If you come on here and have valid criticisms of the game, that doesn’t make you a better game developer.

Look, I love 47 too, mate. But you have to accept that he has limitations. Suggesting that he is better at everything than somebody who does that thing professionally is ludicrous.


Please read my post above… I rest my case


47 had to go find the recipe.

The real Lafayette never got to meet Caruso, so you can’t make that comparison either.



Hahaha obviously you never saw it because HE DOES mate… try again.


Does he? Fine. So out of all your examples, you’ve got one which works. Congrats. My point stands. It’s logic dude :joy:

47 is not omnipotent :open_mouth:


All of his lines are awful, like 14-year-old’s idea of what badass and mysterious is. I don’t feel like there is any real substance to him, he just reeks of shallow, artificially put together character.

Also his tone with “I’m sure you have pretty dresses to attend to” - don’t insult fashion, ya arrogant prick, i like fashion :stuck_out_tongue:
(Srry. I just really hate his guts.)


Haha that’s as good a reason as any :joy:


Yes he does. Use rat poison on Lafayette and leave him alone. He eventually goes to meet Caruso and he will not get him to confess like 47 can. Therefore he makes a better psychologist than the “real” one.

And in Hokkaido with the Fugu fish. If you listen to the conversation, thanks to the “professional chefs” negligence a patient died while eating it. Hence why it was banned.

Also, the Pointman in Colorado. 47 was better than the actual pointman. If you listen to Parvatis dialogue after the “training” 47 did.

He was also able to outsmart Ezra Berg at his own work. Berg was puzzled at what went wrong when 47 intervened. If Berg was so smart shouldn’t he have figured out what 47 did?

Another example is from Hitman Contracts when he posed as the reporter. He was able to get the photos from the gang leader, where if the real one meets him he gets himself shot lol

And… the PI in Sapienza? 47 was able to pose as him and talk to Francesca and if I remember the outcome, it was different than when the REAL PI talked to her was it not?

Same goes for the Priest in Landslide. If you pose as him you’re good. If the real one goes he gets himself killed.

There were many examples where “professionals” were stumped until 47 intervened to help more along the process to help these so called professionals


And how can we forget the wrestler in Absolution. The real “Patriot” gets his ass kicked where 47 kills his opponent in the ring. Hence he makes a better “professional wrestler” than the real Patriot