The future of Lucas Grey/Shadow Client


The priest example seems kinda unfair. How would be know Abiatti would try to murder him ?


He’s not really wrestling him? He’s killing him. He’s playing dirty in a fight that Sanchez have no idea is a death match. Also in this case 47 should have an edge, a super soldier trained in lethal combat from early childhood should give 47 a big edge in hand to hand combat.


From his violent background? Even the real Priest himself confessed that he knew him at a young age. He knew damn well what he was capable of and should have known better what to say to him


He’s going to die tragically in some shitty still image cutscene and 47 will hold his hand while Lucas is wrapped in a towel and they’re both crying.Lucas will then give 47 a coin and ask 47 to promise to keep Diana safe.Diana will then go to orphanage where Constant will find and kidnap her.

I hope they’ll kill Lucas off early on in Season 3 and introduce some new,more interesting characters.Everyone so far is really bland and boring to me.I don’t care about anyone in the story,I think writers should work more on their characters and dialogue.
Constant and Lucas both have laughable,embarassing lines and I can hardly take them seriously when they’re trying so hard to sound evil and mysterious.


Wasn’t the point of those illegal fights to fight to the death? We see an opponent (before 47) being killed by Sanchez. In a fight to the death is there really such a thing as “playing dirty”


So based on one interaction, you’re writing off the professional psychologist in place of an assassin with an agenda? That’s absolutely barmy!

It wasn’t the head chef, it was a trainee or some shit IIRC. And even if it was? That makes 47 better? He killed her with fugu, so how does that make him better? It’s the same result! :joy:

Yeah, of course 47 is better at shooting, cos he’s a professional assassin. We all know that. We’re discussing other professions/skillets. Why you’d pick this as an example is mind-boggling :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah if someone comes and fucks with your shit, you’d be puzzled too. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So that means 47 us somehow a better reporter?! I can only repeat, that logic is absolutely barmy!

Because 47 has an specific agenda that differs from the real PI. Of course the conversation is different. That doesn’t make 47 a better PI because of it.

See above. 47’s priest skills are not superior.


Just because it’s an illigal fight doesn’t mean it’s an fight to the death. 47 can die in the fight because he confronts Sanchez, telling him he’s there to finish the job.

Remember it’s an game, where a bald white dude with a barcode on the back of his head plays dress up all around the world. But you questions the make believe situations that gives us interesting methods of infiltration, it simply adds the fun part of the game. It’s quite silly to ripe on this aspect and take it that serious. It’s part of the series deadpan humour, it’s not really an issue. It’s just a creative way to setup more spectacular murders.


Actually it was an apprentice chef that prepared the botched fugu. Actual fugu chefs spend years training and undergo life or death tests to make fugu sushi.

All 47 did was give him an overdose. Anyone can do that. Berg though that Harbinger was stable and therefore he concluded that something was wrong with the chemicals.

The PI did his job. De Santis hired him to spill his guts on what Caruso was up to and he did. PIs have no code of ethics, they would be unemployed if they did.

No shit. 47 spent two years at a cathedral in Sicily. I think he would know the ins and outs of Roman Catholocism.

But Oscar’s line of questioning might be different than 47’s line of questioning. The only reason 47 gets it right is because he is a killer and can recognise when a person is a killer or not.



Look… 47 was made to perfection. He has no flaws and isn’t like normal human beings. He’s smarter, faster, stronger (sorry to quote the shitty Hitman movie lol but it’s true) he is always gonna have the upper hand to “normal” people, including people who are “professionals” at their trade.


How? We have never seen 47 do anything that is wholly spectacular in any of the fields he pretends to be in. The most we can say is drumming but even then there are people who play by ear and his solo is not terribly complex.



You’ve taken the circumstances of his creation to a ludicrous extreme. You don’t seem to want to hear a bad word about him. Fuck, it’s not even a bad word I’m saying! He isn’t god. He isn’t better at everything than anyone. I can’t even believe that has to be said.


Can you give some examples to prove this claim??


See every rebuttal to all of your examples…

Dude, you’re the one making the extraordinary claim, the burden of proof is on you…


For one thing he is not a good stage actor. I spent five minutes wandering around on stage spinning around as the executioner in Paris.

The only reason 47 is successful is because he is a video game character. That is it. In real life it would be all over the instant 47 slips up.


He can’t fucking dance, either :joy:


True but neither can Commander Shephard.:joy:


47 can indeed dance, my friend


But he still succeeded in with what he was posing as…?

All I’m saying is, yes… we may not have seen him do anything extraordinary inside the roles he posed as, but can you give examples on how he WASN’T better at it than the one who actually did it for a living?

The bottom line is every time he took on a roll he passed it with flying colors


Hit him with that J-Pop though :joy:


Same answer dude :face_with_raised_eyebrow: