The future of Lucas Grey/Shadow Client


So you rather want 47 to fail? Because you can’t come to terms with it being a videogame that isn’t trying to emulate reality, just delivering on fun methods.


Of course we can’t he is a videogame character in a gameplay heavy video game. We can’t fail. He is defaulted to succeed if not then it would always result in failure


I don’t know. There were times I hilariously blew my cover :joy:


Yeah but to succeed we have to succeed regardless of what happens.


Yes I know it’s a videogame lol I came to terms with that when I was around 6 years old. I’m just trying to say, this “character” (47) was meant to be portrayed as an expert in everything. This isn’t me trying to defend my favorite video game character, I’m just trying to point out what the developers made 47 out to be. The perfect being. Master of all crafts


But 47 is only perfect because he is in a video game, even in the video game he is (theoretically) only the perfect killer. In real life 47 would be terrible at everything. Even existing because we don’t have the tech to create him


Umm exactly?? Isn’t that what we’re talking about here? A videogame? Of course I wasn’t talking about real life lmao yes in the GAME he’s portrayed that way because that is the origins of his character lol check out the Ort_Meyer files lol


But even in he game he is not perfect. I mean in the third game he was ambushed and BM reveals he had been pre-warned of danger. Not to mention 47 just imediately trusting Grey from the get go. I know he has deep seated excuses but still

So you are telling me 47 trained him to mix basic cocktails? Or basic drumming? Or basic yoga? Was it Ort-Meyer who made him read the Cassandra Snow novels?

Nothing 47 does is any of the two new games is highly advanced in any way. They are the most basic forms of their job.


Well yeah, lol we’re meant to believe he trained himself to do these things it just comes naturally for him because his intelligence is far greater than normal people. So he probably catches on far quicker. Heck he has to do something in his spare time lol why not learn to perfect trades he could possibly use in the field. Again, in the GAME lol not real life!


Alright this is going way beyond than what I wanted it to. Let’s just agree to disagree as @doom-generation said

Can we just get back to how Lucas Grey sucks? :rofl:


Coming back on speculations there are actually some pretty interesting theories about the faith of Lucas Grey in here.

To be honest, I don’t care how it happens, but he must die. Some people say he would offer himself to save 47’s life, but that’s just a huge anticlimax isn’t it? Hitman is not a series about romance or emotions, make it a more shocking and unexpected ending instead.

It’s another theorie which is basically my two theories combined: Lucas Grey becomes partners with 47 and Diana to take down Providence. His whole life he’s been searching for 47 and he finally found him. After they dealt with Providence, his life goals are achieved and Lucas can die a happy man. This is probably not likely to happen, but since he’s been planning and searching for his whole life, and now he achieved his life goals, his purpose to live is basically done. No one wants Lucas Grey dramatically jumping in front of 47 to save him from The Constant(?) and then dies in his arms with tears on his cheeks and snot on his upper lip. Then atleast make it a unexpected, shocking dead as cold as the hitman series is: Lucas Grey saying his brother 47 goodbye, then putting his revolver in his mouth and blowing his brains out over the wall.

Like I said, this is not likely to happen, but it makes a very unexpected turn and kills off the Shadow Client in a way I could live with.


There is defiantly going to be a split between 47 and Diana. Diana is about to know the partial truth behind her parents murder, the next game there is going to be some kind of fallout between her and 47. I believe the Providence Saga will end with Diana learning the hole truth, Lucas will die and Providence will be taken down. Diana might be the architect behind Lucas death with the help of Providence.

After that things will go back to “normal” and the next game will be an isolated event, like most of the Hitman games have been.

To be honest I don’t think the storyline of The Providence Saga is as horrible as many people make it out to be. It’s full of cliches in this type of story. But the series have never been know for good story telling, it’s always been campy, cliche and full of Evil scientist seeking world domination. I enjoy the story for what it is.

Also Lucas Grey have been a well written character, with some nice dialog. Especially in H16, in my eyes he’s what 47 could have been if escaped earlier. A more independent Individual, not heldback by his design.


Not gonna lie the prospect of having yet another game and its new elements fall completely by the wayside depresses me a little. How many times can it happen?


I hope so. It’s quite sad that the story is about taking down a secret global organisation who do ‘’’‘evil things’’’’. I liked missions like The Showstopper, Three Headed Serpent and Chasing a Ghost. Althought it has some main story details connected to them, it’s not like TWoT and AL which are great missions but have a big glaze of story threw over them.

I’ve always thought the current story might be way over the top for what the Hitman games are capable of. IOI is making bigger maps than ever before, but at the same time there is a huge story to explain. Those big maps need a lot of work, which results in 6 main missions in each game. I personally think that’s never enough to properly tell the story. It needs way more space to properly explain the story. Hitman 2’s part of the story felt kinda rushed (as in things went way too fast) for me. Mission 1,2 & 3 we’re going after Providence enemies. Then we’re killing the Maelstrom because he did an oopsie. And then we’re best buddies with Lucas Grey and we go after Providence. In the little time the story has to explain itself it took a huge U-turn in the middle of it, just to make it proceed faster.

To tell the story properly they need atleast a few more HITMAN games.


I always find this argument flawed I mean the entirety of SA is not just rescuing Vittorio it is stopping the theft of missile technology. You foil a doomsday plot, an Afghan terrorist cell, a Russian military plot, a tech smuggling scheme, dismantle a yakuza clan and stop a nefarious plot. Too many stories an too many plots it is a mish-mash of story lines and plot beats.

But I do agree with every other part mostly. I think we can make a story in six maps. The problem with the current story is execution and too many ideas being wedged in. It makes everything feel compacted but it is actually just a scattershot


To be honest I think it’s on pair with most of the Hitman games, the only game that has a good story is Silent Assassin. It’s down to earth, but I do agree that the story of the Providence Saga is a bit to “big”.

But do they they though? it’s not like they are evil for the sake of being evil. They are an organization that seeks to control a lot of societies infrastructure, pulling strings in governments, controlling the free market through a lot of fronts for the operations. They ar not Umbrella Corp. which is a classic evil organization, that just does evil things for the sake of it.

The problem I see with the current development of the HM universe, is that’s it’s hard for IO go smaller in terms of the stakes at play. We have this fantasy of a world class Assassin who takes the biggest and most insane Contracts, it’s a very small playground for IO to play in. Especially in terms of story telling and what they can do with the world building. It would feel odd if IO went smaller, back to small gangsters and people who don’t effect the world on a larger scale.


Imo the story doesn’t have to be too big to kill high profile targets. In Contracts we killed terrorists who wanted to blow up a hotel (Frantz and Frits Fuchs) and a very powerfull Chinese gang leader (Lee Hong). Then in BM we killed the vice president. Even if 47 is lying unconscious on a table IOI is still capable of letting us kill high profile people. All the missions we have so far could even be pulled of in a situation 47 was in like in Contracts, but only without the ‘story glaze’ over it. BM however had a kind of comparable story, only less good executed.

Tbh the story shouldn’t have a big impact on the missions like it does in Another Life with the clues or Nightcall with having to hack that computer. Story can be as shit as possible but the game can still pull of excellent missions. That’s why gameplay is way more important than story.


But the story has always been big, BM is basically the same plot. Secret Organization controlling parts of the U.S Government, all from FBI to the Vice President. The story of the series have always been bigger than life characters and evil organization pulling the strings behind the curtains. There have always been this connection towards something larger at play then just a countries government. IO have for the first time put it in the forfront of their story telling. Luckily the series shines in the terms of gameplay and world building, the story plays second fiddle.

IO could easily go back to a small scale of story or rather downplayed. But the premise will always be the same, because the shadowy elements have always been there. But for the first time we are able to put a faces and names on who’s pulling the strings.


How do you know? .


Well 47 doesn’t need to out do a professional chef, he only needs to get the posion from A to B. It’s not like it’s a taste contest. Also 99% of the time 47 is just adding posion to the food and stirring in it, he isn’t actually cooking. A child could do it.

The same can be said about him taking the role of a psychiatrist. He basically just sitting down asking obvious questions, he isn’t analysering him. In the end it doesn’t even play a role if he’s good. Would you question a psychiatrist you just meet after talking to him for less then 5 min? It’s about getting close. Also with 47 training, I do believe 47 have some training in that field. It’s important for him to be able to read and access his target.