The future of Lucas Grey/Shadow Client


To be fair every single Hitman story has had a glaring flaw in its telling for different reasons. Of course these reasons and interpretations are my own. You are free to agree or disagree. Your in for a long one boys sorry but I will not TL;DR it.

Codename 47: The rehashing of ideas is C:47’s biggest flaw. It takes the genetic warfare elements of Metal Gear, the more political or gritty realistic take on spycraft from Splinter Cell and the like and James Bond’s dress sense. It relies on an absurd amount of coincidences and the characters are cliche save 47 and Di

Silent Assassin: One word: Tone. The game begins with an interesting premise of 47 trying to discover himself but this is largely brushed over until the monologue at the end (which is very good). After Sicily for a standard rescue rampage we are then hurled to Russia for a taught political section with a James Bond feel (especially Invitation). Then it is Japan where we have this infiltration ninja feel. Then there is Malaysia where it is avoid potato chips and Charlie’s Angels references.

Then serious again with Afghanistan and amped up with foiling a dooms day plot in India and then it reintroduces the kidnapping plot and reveals hidden relatives and a secret society

Contracts: Waste. Contracts was a chance for 47 to have even more introspection since he has been the most vulnerable but it is wasted since the story is used to just relive the early levels. We stood the change to alter parts of the game to match 47’s perspective or at least have more than two new levels.

Blood Money: Structure. The story is framed in flashback lies by two random and underdeveloped characters. Nothing feels like it has changed from how it would have been in real life. To say nothing of the fact that these blatant lies come AFTER we have experienced the truth instead of keeping us guessing. To say nothing of 47’s lack of agency in the story (the irony is not lost to me). By the time he has a role to play he has gone from killing a cartel boss to whacking the VP. To say nothing of the elements that the rest of the series will ignore.

Absolution: No just no. It’s biggest flaws are its characters and dialogue. 47’s mediation are far too pulpy, Blake and Travis are sweary idiots, Skurcky is a cartoon character, Layla and Jade are as interesting as a porno pin-up, Victoria is a dud and all Birdie does is make 47 look like a chump. Abything more and you can dredge up my posts on the matter.

HITMAN World of Assassination: The most successful story in terms of Hitman but its biggest sin is overdosing of ideas and pacing. We have an Illuminati plot, an introspective of 47, an attempt to develop 47 and 47 developing a filial relation. We have interesting characters with terrible dialogue or have been killed in another manipulate the ICA plot. What people think is poor pacing I think is actually too many ideas in a short time with no focus or proper plan of implementing them.

Wow! I am done for the most part. If you are reading this than good work Agent. The money is being wired to your account. (Not really though)


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Oh shit people are actually replying. Oh man I hope you come in peace, it has been a while since I played the first three so my story knowledge is rusty.


I read it and I agree, I showed you my support with a little heart…what more do you want from me!?!

People sometimes kinda forgets that these Elements have always been here, it’s nothing new. The plots have never been amazing. It’s kinda like the fanbase got selective memory when it comes to what the basis of all Hitman games main plot is.

Also on the note of Absolution, I always felt that IO should have cut out the Dexter subplot and kept it at 47 vs. Travis I.C.A. The Dexter plot is just messy and basically if you remove it, it doesn’t really change anything. It’s more or less just Grindhouse filler plots.


I didn’t want to be skewered for my opinions.

Actually I think I read a loooong time ago they cut out more to do with Travis and 47 and that is what a lot of the ICA plot makes little sense or is incongruous with what has been established.

But yes basic plot elements recur in all Hitman games introspection, revelation about clones and secret society or organisation.


To keep it short: I agree on everything.

Like I said before: the current story might be too ambitious. I get why they choose to go deeper into the history of 47’s origins, because it’s probably the most interesting story you can get out of the Hitman series. But the role of Providence in this story might be too ambitious already. To combine those two things might prove a challenge in story telling. The story really got my interest as soon as the Shadow Client was introduced and it was revealed he knew about 47 in the Colorado tornado shelter, but imo the story got weakened heavily from the start of Hitman 2. SC wasn’t as dangerous anymore and is getting soft, Providence is being potrayed bigger than it already was and it’s losing it’s unique tone. Idk if it was hard to continue after 2 years but the characters feel less interesting and unique. One reason behind this is voice acting. SC went from stone cold terrorist to a nice brotherly figure and The Constant went from mystery man to loud whisperer man.


The original training level in Absolution had you in a shootout with I.C.A soldiers and at the end you shoot Travis in the hand. It’s actually seen in the I.C.A character trailers, which is why he got a robot hand.


It is too ambitious, it is the worst type of ambition. Unplanned ambition, like Custer at Little Big Horn. No plan and a lust to go big.

I actually like the change in the SC. There is an ethereal way in his annunciation and stressing of certain syllables that reminds me of old techniques in stagecraft and creates a sense of unease.


Whoever came up with that story needs to look in the mirror once more and should be ashamed.

Maybe play the Hitman games before you start writing a story for a new one??


Sounds woeful no surprise. Freeform and Final Test are Hitman’s best tutorials bar none.


But he was never really a threat to 47, it’s a classic elements in these cloak and dagger stories. If he was a he would have tried to kill 47 in Colorado. I would say he’s still dangerous, H2 shows us SC bombing an ETHER lab and killing everyone inside. He’s a very ruthless man.

He’s “soft” because he and 47 are brothers. They both want revenge, even if 47 doesn’t know it yet.


Yeah that ruthlessness jars with the story. It is the Assassin’s Creed Paradox as I call it. You see two sides one values freedom and the other order and control. They use your sense of justice to root for freedom but the methods are so extreme you wind up thinking that order is the best thing for everyone since chaos is the alternative. Because your sense of right and wrong trumps the view on freedom.

Hitman has it worse since the Templars are historical villains like the Borgia, Genghis Khan, George Bush or Richard Lionheart. But Providence are still unknowns and are not wholly evil or aspire to complete domination.


His personality is changed from what it used to be in S1. I really liked the cutscene after The Showstopper where he scares off Novikov while he was the employee. He was so mysterious, dangerous and full of potential to be a good antagonist by then. If you compare that SC to the one we see in the cutscene after Chasing a Ghost you see a very different person. At least I do. I liked him being more serious and dangerously back then.