The future of Lucas Grey/Shadow Client


But SC doesn’t need to scare 47, he needs him on his side. The mysterious part only works to a certain degree and in IO case. It’s either very mysterious and never seen again or we somewhere a long the line learn of his origin. He was never suppose to be an antagonist, the Colorado cut-scene shows that.

He isn’t designed to be the Joker, a character that works best if we know little real info about him. This element could work if SC was designed to be a rival to 47 like the Albino. The SC was a character we all more or less wanted to learn more about, I rather learn about him, then 17 years later and we have no idea what Mystermans real goal was.

Would I like to see another antagonist in the same style as Mr.17? I mean The Albino…no sorry Lucas Grey, yes. I hope to see more of the same in that regard, an rival that get’s more development time and is a threat to 47.


You’re not wrong, but this is deeply upsetting.

Haha you asshole! :joy:

Those might be the best tutorial levels PERIOD.


Well if you are going to recycle stuff you should add to it not just slap some Spackle and wallpaper on it. We had a chance to score a goal but IO just wound up scoring a point. Didn’t even hit the posts either.

That maybe true.


True, but it did give us TMKP, Beldingford Manor and the revamped TotT. I’d argue those are 3 of the best levels in the entire series. It gets a pass.


Yeah but two new levels hardly flies with me. Especially since I don’t think Meat King or Beldingford are all that flash. I was talking from an over-arching narrative standpoint. Not a gameplay or level design perspective.


I know dude, it just pains me to see Contracts taking heat. You are totally right about the story though.


If it can take the heat then it needs to stay out of my kitchen. I have a cook’s genes so I can handle the heat well.


I think it’s safe to assume one of three options.

  • He dies fighting against providence.
  • He betrays 47 and 47 kills him.
  • He and 47 take down providence and he goes off to do his own thing.

I can’t see him sticking around past H3.


Of course not, if you are a clone like 47 then you are bound to be quitely dropped once the story has no need for the clone to propel it further. Clones are like organic GPS telling the story where to go and when.


You really wanted to see 48’s and/or 17 again?

Maybe as a reference. Or as a rotting corpse/skeleton in case we ever return to the asylum.


No but I wish IO would stop treating any sibling they give 47 as a pet hamster or goldfish. Is that so much to ask?


His future or anyone else’s doesn’t matter unless they bring back cutscenes.


I’ve mentioned this on other threads. I’m one to believe IOI will take one of 2 directions:

  • Some sort of twist where it turns out Grey was the villain all along


  • Grey becomes the coop partner to 47 in Hitman Season 3/Hitman 3/SuperHitman/Whatever the f*ck it’s called. LOL


Plot Twist: 47 and Diana betray Lucas and both die at the end of the story.

Game title changes to Shadowman from then on.

WB confirms Shadowman being an anti-hero within the DC universe.


Speaking of the future of Lucas Grey, what is the future for YOU @Urben when will you be in the game for winning the Sniper Assassin contest? I need to kill ya mate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Like all targets I won’t see it coming.


Hahaha indeed! But nah, really… any word on that yet?


Nothing new. But to place my canary, I have yet not agreed to any contract that forbids me to keep you guys informed. :slight_smile:


Cool, hopefully soon then. (And Not IO “soon”) :laughing: I imagine a ton of contacts on your head when the time comes lol I also wonder what location you will be placed in? Do you think you will have a say in it? And if so, which location would you wanna be featured in??


What are you guys talking about?