The future of Lucas Grey/Shadow Client


@Urben won the contest in Sniper Assassin and as a result his face will be scanned into the game :grinning:


What was the contest?



There is to add I am the PC winner, XB1 and PS4 have winners too with the same price. :slight_smile:

I think I have no say in it, only maybe some influence into what kind of guy the NPC will be. But I would like to be in a new mission because Bonus missions are somewhat limited in comparision.

Getting the highscore in Sniper Assassin when it was a preorder bonus.


Awesome! Well that will be very interesting to see lol I’m very happy for you, bro congrats!


Cool beans :slight_smile:



As I already said, there are plenty of ways how the story of Lucas Grey could end. People on this forum have been thinking about it since Season 1 and came up with some pretty interesting ideas.

  • He could double-cross 47 because he has ulterior motives, secretly developed a hatred for 47, went insane or for any other reason under the sun. So in the end 47 kills him (and Olivia) and the status quo is restored. Not a fan of this ending, because it feels like a lazy way to end the storyline.

  • He could get killed by Providence during the game. Maybe even sacrificing himself to save 47. Or he may be dying of magical clone disease. Not the most original idea, but I like it more than the betrayal.

  • He could survive and simply walk into the sunset. Providence is defeated and he can finally put his past behind him. This leaves a door open to bring him back in the future.

  • He may not want to kill 47, but he’s doing something 47 doesn’t agree with and thus is forced to kill him. Maybe he tries to eliminate Diana or takes control of Providence himself.

And these are just the most obvious ones.


Am I the only one around here who likes Lucas?? He brings an interesting bit of backstory from 47’s past life, not to mention I think his voice is hypnotizing (personal opinion OKAY)

I’ll try not to spit up the other theories already discussed in this thread, but here are my two cents: I honestly don’t think Lucas is going to live past HITMAN 3. I don’t think it’ll be through some sort of betrayal, likely he’ll sacrifice himself to save 47/Diana/the whole fam from Providence during a climactic moment in the third season.

OR, if he does live through HITMAN 3 (I highly doubt this), he’ll simply vanish into the world since his motives have been achieved. He and 47 will either retain little or contact, and that will be the end of that.

I can’t see him turning face so suddenly and being like ,“HA you thought Providence was the bad guy all along but it was ME, LUCAS!” Throwing 47 the bird before trying to kill him, you know? He and 47 had been best friends at one point, and it’s stated time and time again that Lucas feels remorse for his actions and remembers everything.

If he does try to kill 47, it’ll be through some major disagreement, like Diana finding out about 47 killing her parents and then, being angry with 47, leaving the group and trying to cut ties with 47. Lucas wants to kill Diana because she knows too much about their ulterior motives, but 47 doesn’t want to kill her, he wants to make amends. He and Lucas fight over it, then 47 kills Lucas before he can kill Diana. cue sad cutscene with Lucas dying in 47’s arms and being like “it had to come to this” while 47 just looks all solemn and shit


No I like Lucas but only as an idea to be utilised I think IO have executed his character poorly in terms of how he fits into the story and how his dialogue is written. Crying shame they are going to kill him or have him be dropped from the narrative.




I really hope they don’t kill of or bury Grey. Ort-Meyer thought he created the perfect human replicas but his clones do sure to contract terminal cases of “Chuck Cunningham Syndrome” a lot.


I would love it if he didn’t die either, but the best-case scenario is that Lucas is like Victoria: A driving force through a Hitman storyline who, once the story concludes, quietly retires to the back and is forgotten since their character isn’t really needed anymore.

The only consistent characters through all of the Hitman video games are 47 and Diana (and Smith, mostly as a gag character). It’d be very interesting to see how they could fit Lucas into any continuing storylines.


Funny I might be the only person here who considers Lucas being a series regular as a best case scenario with being dropped a distant second. Basically anything is better than betrayal and/or death for me. I think they should have integrated him before Colorado maybe sometime between Morocco and Thailand.


Trust me, I think it’d be great if we could have Lucas be a regular in the games; as I said before, I like his character and I think he’d make a great addition to the team. I’m just trying to not get my hopes up.


Trust I am not getting my hopes up either just look at my above posts. And the ones on every story related thread and you can see the jaded nature of my comments


It’s occurred to me that the demographic playing HITMAN and HITMAN 2 must be a very wide bracket of people. I suspect we’re made up of anything from teens to 30-somethings/40-somethings… and we have varying attitudes towards these characters.

When I was younger I think I would be excited about the World Of Assassination becoming more populated by interesting agents and assassins…I think the design of Knight and Stone sort of lend themselves more to this X-MEN/Weapon-X GI JOE Assassins idea… but those of an older and more Robert Ludlum-like disposition would prefer a dour story where almost nobody survives and no one can be trusted.

That said… I think the Harold Ramis rule of writing should apply:
“Regardless of who you think your audience will be. You should always write from the top of your intelligence.”

Basically what happens next should be intelligible.


Likelihood of occurrences, in no particular order. (IMO)

  • Lucas betrayal! How could you Lucas? Bad Lukey! Or maybe it was a clone of Lucas, an evil clone! He was injected with evil serum!
  • Lucas sacrifices himself in a final “F.U.” to some Illuminati kewnt, and their (47 and Lucas) last moments together is an homage to Star Trek where Spock locked himself in the chamber to save everbody. It will also include flashbacks (stills) of more of their hardships from when they were children / test subjects.
  • Similar to the ^above scenario - 47 is forced to save either Diana or Lucas. Saving one kills the other.
  • Lucas, having completed his life’s mission, rides off into the sunset… But he’ll still keep tabs on 47 as a devoted fan of his work, since… well, that’s all he did in his spare time since way back whenever. Maybe even continue his role as ‘Shadow Client’, but this time ordering hits on people that just annoy him. Okay. Not ‘Hits’ per’se. More like just having 47 sneak up on 'em and slap 'em with a cold fish.
  • He starts working for the ICA to co-opt hits with 47 (and it allows IOI to introduce coop play).


I am sorry but did you compare X-Men to G.I. Joe. That is inexcusable!

Also the age range is spread for 15 to at least 40 with 20 to thirty being the average if that poll was any indication.


They belong to similar realms of plausibility.

GI JOE is primarily about next-stage military geopolitics elevated to fantasy heights.
X-MEN is primarily about next-stage human evolution elevated to fantasy heights.


There is nothing “next-stage” about GI Joe’s political messages at all, shoot the bad guys until dead is standard US politics for 200 years. It says a lot when my prefered episode of the show is a ten minute parody from Futurama.


hahaha… Sorry I meant that it was some kind of fantasy geopolitik packaged in some vision of next-stage military technology.

For example, Cobra’s use of Battle Android Troopers points to something equivalent to the drone/robot warfare predicted to be in our military future.