The future of Lucas Grey/Shadow Client


No the example is: Hasbro wanted to make cool toys for boys and they went “Hey boys like robots so lets make robot toys” “Make an episode with robo-soldiers so they can buy it”


Well you have to understand that GI JOE (and the TRANSFORMERS TV show) are the result of two sources of motivation.

One is the Hasbro toys thing you mentioned. But the people in charge of executing it, Sunbow Animation and, in particular writer Flint Dille, had a mandate to “make sure ALL the kids watch it to help sell the toys”.

Dille’s idea was to write the stories so they were actually “above Age 9 grade”. And that meant pulling stories that occasionally were inspired by themes deemed more mature than the usual Sub-Age-9 cartoon. That included politics, romances, and also layered approaches to villains (eg: Starscream on Transformers as being jealous of Megatron’s position, Destro and Baroness as lovers and would-be usurpers on GI JOE).

The result was usually some combination of an adult-like storyline, with a juvenile setup, and usually a humorous payoff.

Many years later, Flint Dille would use a similar writing formula again to help launch a little game franchise we know today as UNCHARTED. :wink:


Well that is a leg up on the X-Men. Jim Shooter shot down many of the romances Chris Claremont wanted to write.

But I still think that Dillie idea to put politics into a child’s realm was poorly excuted at the time.


Man. I sure wish they made a Lucas Grey action figure.

Ignore my feeble attempt to steer this back on-topic.


I remember a GI JOE episode where a lot of the running time was used up on Cobra claiming on TV that GI JOE aircraft violated their airspace and that they had “rights to surrounding waters” of Cobra Island… a “humble small nation” yadda yadda… GI JOE pilots claiming it’s open seas not owned by anyone… it was hilarious at the time…

But it proved prophetic of real life events.

Dille was always a very sharp writer in my eyes.


I never buy into “X predicted Y” especially since at the time China was still trying to escape its isolationist policies. The South China Sea dispute is different form of policy for China.

To me it is just a plot that eventually wound up closely and loosley resembling real life.


Which is usually a sign of the intelligence of the writer at work.

You have to admire the strong level of intelligibility at work… when you write for a children’s show… .and something very similar happens in real life later.

It’s kind of like how Tom Clancy wrote the endgame for his ficitional terrorist leader “The Emir” in the novel “Dead or Alive”, with the main twist being that The Emir actually didn’t live in some cave, but instead in a sprawling mansion-like complex.

Then you know a year later where do they find Osama Bin Laden? In some cave? No… he was found in a sprawling mansion-like complex. hahaha.

If IOI can apply a similar level of intelligence to what it writes… then I think Lucas Grey will turn out alright. But this idea of memory juice and sudden friendship… I wouldn’t have recommended it.


Nor would I, if IO did my version of the story things would be markedly more concise, focused and also inventive. I can’t believe I said that, I usually don’t like “fixing” others stories but that is IO for you.


I would have personally preferred a Treadstone like approach, similar to the Professor in THE BOURNE IDENTITY. You know, 47 encounters Lucas Grey as a rival…and they have that “Look what they make you give” moment…

But unlike the Professor, Grey survives… 47 unravels eventually this big scheme… Lucas Grey doesn’t have all the answers… instead he also discovers other things.

Both characters only learn later about their links to Romania and Providence’s role in their past…Something like that.


That is better. LG’s biggest problem is that he is made to be too many things by IO and it all gets lost in the shuffle.


In addition, I’d probably want Olivia Hall to be sort of a proxy for those of us who are below age 19… She’s like a teenage hacker… she discovers some kind of secret… It’s like she lifts the veil on this shadowy “World of Assasination”…and while at first she gets bragging rights for discovering this stuff… she’s soon in some danger herself.

So she’s a bit like someone you might have expected from a WATCH_DOGS adventure…

So the idea is SOMEHOW Olivia Hall, Lucas Grey, and 47’s lives intersect…


In my the loose collection of ideas I have strung to get her most of the Colorado crew and even Alma Reynard are working with 47 and Diana in some capacity. I know that might make you go “What the Fuck” but I think it is a way to introdyce new game play hooks and stories.


See… normally I’d say: “That’s a GI JOE plot line”… but it can be made to work…
It just has to come off as intelligible… Like if an older player of HITMAN would play it… They should think: “Yeah… I would have done the same”.

It does mean you have to force things… like Olivia Hall would have to be under attack… forced to go on the run… even if she had exams in school or whatever.

But if it’s intelligible… nobody will fault what’s in there.


I think there is a smart way to have 47 be with a large group of people committing high profile assassinations. Like I said I have a basic plan in my head. Nothing too supremely intellectual but nothing Saturday Morning stupid either.


The simplest way is…something like The Equalizer or The Shadow.

In those franchises, some older characters are called upon by the hero to help under the pretense that the hero had saved or helped them before.

I always thought it would be nice for Agent Smith to one day return the favor for all the times 47 has saved his life.

It will take time, but 47 can be allowed the same priviledge, though it would result in David Bateson doing even more talking. lol


Well I have it worked out like this (It will be a long one: 47 is a clone created by O-M with Providence resources and money. The Five Fathers never exist in this time line (or they were prominent hits from 47’s pre-ICA days). 47 never car bombs Diana’s parents. Like 2016 I would just have 47 have a career with no pre-existing secret societies manipulating him. Then we get to Grey who (like 2016) exacts revenge on Cobb and buys the IAGO dossier.

The Paris operation is slightly different in that 47 now has to retrieve to cached NOC list. It is revealed that Grey was watching and the cutscene now is like Colorado’s with Grey announcing his plans to re-affirm a kinship with 47 to Olivia Hall. Thus eliminating his terrorist AND rival potential leaving him only as a filial substitute and his character is more focused and less radically altered.

The Sapienza Virus: Sapienza is slightly different in that the virus has no prototype as of yet so we still have a lab it is just being set up. So we remove the virus as an additional objective and have an excuse for De Santis to be in the lab. The cutscene is basically the same with Grey obtaining the key from the Johannesburg Keymaster.

The Morocco Altercation: Again the level is the same with 47 stopping the attempted coup in Marrakesh. But the cutscene is extended. Fanin and The Constant go up to the information vault and open it to find it empty we focus on a piece of paper then pan out to a dank room where Grey, Hall and maybe Graves are re-affirming 47’s identity.

The Bangkok Obfuscation: Again very similar to Bangkok, Grey wants to kid-nap Thomas Cross for his money and to draw attention to his militia to the ICA knowing that the ICA has a providence mole for Providence. 47 kills Jordan Cross and Thomas Cross is kidnapped. We then see the basement of Colorado where agents are beating Cross up there we see Sean Rose and Grey file a hit on a Militia upstart and Providence mole.

The Colorado Reconciliation: Colorado is radically different now. 47 has only two targets The Mole and The Usurper. As well as the objective to infiltrate the Tornado Shelter, the cutscene is the same with 47 going what is this and Diana going it is Providence only before she says “the hidden hand” Grey says it and emerges with Sean, Olivia and maybe Alma appear. Grey explains that he is a fellow clone but 47 while reticent is not completely incredulous to the claim.

The Romania Recollections: To better facilitate a partnership Grey decides to unlock 47’s memories of his time at the asylum (and it is only the asylum no youth prison). The Targets are The ICA Defector and a Providence Scientist who are aware of Grey and see him and 47’s resurfacing as an issue and are combing the facility for any information that can used against him.

So we now have an allegiance with Grey and his upper echelon. We can have some sort of upgrade system with Pavarti handling the guns, Berg handling poisons and sedatives and Sean Rose handling explosives. We can even have Grey and Reynard be the characters used in bonus missions with Grey having a focus on traditional Hitman methods and Reynard being based around athleticism over social stealth.

Of course this is all just season one don’t even get me started on my season two.


The five fathers still exist, they are even mentioned in the tie-in comic by Dynamite Comics. In a conversation between Janus and Ort-Meyer. Janus is more or less telling Ort-Meyer that he’s expendable and that his former partners could take his spot.


I know but I won’t include the Five Fathers in my re-write I prefer just Ort-Meyer with Providence underlings, equipment and cash. That was me literally re-writing the story so we have new plot and gameplay elements with more cohesive focus.


Then I misunderstood your intention with the post.


So any way I was deep into my S2 rewrite so I will pick up where I left-off.

Since 47 is a part of the Network of Shadows (it sounds and fits better than "The Militia") and has had his memories unlocked via exposure 47 vows to take down his creators financiers to do so requires the knowledge of The Constant. Due to the data breach The Constant is being monitored by his higher ups so in order to stop him from being cut from the organisation Grey and 47 need to kill the replacements.

Wellington Wetwork: The hit against the CEO of Daintree, an expansive online retailer (Dynastic Global in the normal canon, I changed it to another rainforest to draw Amazon comparisons more readily). Like NZ this is a rainy and dark mission in NZ that reflects a previous level. It would be an expanded version the Malaysia jobs.

Shanghai Nights: The hit that took place in Shanghai in the months between S1 and S2 in the original canon is now a job 47 has undertaken against the successors. I don’t know the details behind the Shanghai job and if any named character is involved so I am just going to say it is another one of those senseless new money billionaires in China. It will be a shopping mall level. The cutscene shows The Constant with a boardroom of trustees who now suspect him of bumping off his successor to secure his place for a while after Edwards says his case the board and leaves as they begin planning some counter-reprisal.

Berlin Job: The job in Berlin was against Fanin if I remember what I have been told but I want to alter that instead the target is some big shot EU politician at a political caucus in Berlin. The mission is in a political building much like the embassy part of Morocco but on a larger scale. 47 completes the job the board are discussing the odds of it just being random hits when a teleconference call from a Byron Washington comes through it cuts there.

New York, New York: Fanin was wasted in an off-screen kill and I think it was a waste of potential so in my version of events Fanin has become paranoid shutting himself off in a smart house in Upstate New York. A small level but plenty of opportunities like a larger Nightcall for some. Fanin is killed but when Grey and the others are celebrating an e-mail pops up from one Robert Knox…

Bonus Mission-Back In The USSR: Knox is an old fashioned quid pro quo guy so in exchange for his weapons and personal defense gear as well as his daughters money he wants a Pavel Zhukov dead. Pavel is currently working for the Russian Army writing a biography on a Russian general in Vladivostok. Grey decides to take the mission on himself. Succeeding in doing so and the Network has gained a powerful ally.

Bonus Mission-Bolivia’s Extensive Railways: Esteban Moreno is the young cartel boss and newly minted Providence operative disrupting The Networks own Delgado Cartel. Posing as the latest trophy girlfriend for the brash boss Alma Reynard launches a mission to kill the Moreno boss and disrupt his cartel.

Terra Firma: The Maelstrom has found that Providence has an undisclosed successor, a board member of an American mining company with a newly opened Australian mine. All three alleged targets are meeting for a PR stunt at the new mine. Following the death of the target we see a cutscene of Byron Washington offering an alternative to their “constant problem”

Suburbia Dystopia: In order to solve the matter of finding more replacements 47 is sent to El Casas Del Santo , a sleepy suburban complex in Southern California. The level is an alternative to the Fanin mission taking place on a daytime suburban middle-class block. 47 needs to kill Janus on order to place a tracker to see where the elusive Ark Society host their annual meeting. The Society is a recruiting ground for Constants and other members. Meanwhile The Constant is implanted with a toxin chip to control and monitor him.

King of the Castle: The tracker gambit worked and The Ark Society have been found to felicitate on the Isle of Sgail a former Roman outpost turned Celtic fortress turned Viking stronghold turned English keep turn British Blacksite prison turned private residence turned apocalypse bunker. The final and most important Successor is one Byron Washington a political scientist, CEO and founder of the Mundus Institute think tank. Controlling the Constant with his trigger for the toxin chip he is the last enemy need before extracting a thoroughly rejected and worn down Arthur Edwards. 47 successfully kills Byron and extracts The Constant who reveals the six financiers and in exchange wants the three trustees dead.

You definitely don’t want to get me started on my season three. And don’t get me started on the opportunities I have created for these levels. I have everything from a simple impalement to deep freezing and shattering a guy!