The Future of Sniper Assassin

So, sniper assassin. love it or hate it, there’s no denying that none of us play it as often as the other map’s. Why? Everything is scripted and no contracts to start with. This isnt necessarily bad, it just limits how many times we can play the mission without getting bored. In reality, we played it for the challenges and occasionally for the co op. And while it was cool at first, the resources have arguably been wasted and could have been used elsewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sniper assassin and its unique concept and co op. But what I love more is a detailed sandbox. Think about it, is this why one of our locations was that tiny house in New Zealand?

So I propose the question, Should Sniper Assassin stick around or be scrapped in favour of sandbox maps in future games?

  • Keep Sniper Assassin
  • Replace Sniper Assassin

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The very nature of a hitman game is repetition. The art of coming back to a mission over and over. Sniper assassin resources could have gone towards another sandbox where we would come back to for years to come rather than a one off experience with a few exceptions

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i don’t really think that if we killed off Sniper Assassin, we would have 3 new Expansion locations instead of 2. it’s just not how it works. separate teams work on separate things, it’s not like they both take that much away from each other


Might improve the mode if you could choose varying sniper nest points… Each nest is a mini arena… so it is possible for enemies to come attack the nest so you have to choose a secondary weapon… no disguises, all action.


One thing good about Sniper Assassin is when I feel like to show friends who have never played Hitman how cool this game is, this is the mode I will go for, even though it doesn’t shows full aspects of the game. It just gets the ‘badass’ feeling. :sunglasses:


Tell me about it…


That’s pretty much on point. Once I got a friend to try out this game, he didn’t even finish the Freeform Training mission. I guess he just couldn’t take on the complexity of a sandbox mission.

Sniper Assassin, however, he enjoyed it pretty much, even though he just shot everyone without considering hiding bodies.

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I play lots of regular HITMAN and I still play Sniper Assassin like your friend does. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh oh and what if… if enemies can attack the nest… instead of regular HITMAN combat it’s just an expanded version of the QTE combat except 47 uses the selected secondary… and it becomes like an enemy wave-clearing killchain like in AC games and then you go back to sniping? :smile:

I’m the only one who want’s to see Sniper Assassin with Rocket Launchers?


It makes a better mobile game. How about more missions or more experimentation in multiplayer: coop and otherwise?

I have never played any AC game before. What do you mean by expanding QTE? Like a button prompt will briefly appear on an enemy’s head, you press the button to shoot?

Yes something like that. In recent AC games it was possible to Insta Counter Kill and if you knew the timing you essentially tapped one button in rhythm to kill a group of enemies cinematically like you could shoot one guy then another without looking at him etc.

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Ah, okay. That’s even more badass than I imagine. Thanks!

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I don’t hate Sniper Assassin, but I don’t really like it either. It’s just kinda of… there.

I mean I’ve played both Himmelstein and Hantu Port and completed all trophies and challenges and maxed out all character’s mastery, but I can’t see myself ever going back to play the locations again.

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In AC3 and 4 the cinematic counters changed depending on what was armed.

So if we apply this to Sniper Assassin. Asides from the main Sniper rifle 47 has to bring a secondary: pistol, knife, katana, etc. And I know it’s easy to end up alerting whole map in Sniper Assassin but maybe if they allow waves to attack the nest during High Alert you can kill these guys to “Contain the Situation” and go back to sniping and at least enjoy cinematic flashy kills even if 5 star rating is lost. :slight_smile:

I’m currently holding the WR for PS4. I love Sniper Assassin

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i’m really sad that the prison is a sniper assassin mission and not a sandbox mission, considering how i don’t care for sniper assassin. it would be so cool to sneak into a highly secure place like a prison to kill your target. imagine all of the kill opportunities, disguises, etc. IO have very creative people and i know they could make a good sandbox mission from a prison map.

imagine how disappointed this place would be if they finally made an airport mission, but made it a sniper assassin mission.


Two months in a row now I submitted a question asking if they were going to make any updates to Sniper Assassin game mode in the same way they gave Ghost Mode a big update a month ago, twice they have not answered it :frowning:

I think it should not be continued in its current form (And I think they know that, they’ve been on Reddit and this forum since launch, they know how most players feel about it). As an absolute bare starting point they need to do a few things to make it a bit more playable:

  • Make it split screen (Like IO did with Kane & Lynch 1), so you can actually play with a friend in your lounge
  • Enable voice chat as option so you can actually organise kills with your partner if you use quickmatch (aka strangers)
  • Make it so you can quickmatch in all SA maps at once, not just having to pick one at a time to wait for

None of these things involve changing the actual missions themselves, but are a good start. As for what to do with the missions themselves to make them more replayable etc, I’m not sure… people keep saying alternative sniper nests, but I’m sure the maps have only been worked out from that angle, so if you move the sniper nest then you’d almost certainly not be able to see some targets. EDIT: Something should be done about body found and accident kills, I know that much

I had suggested designing the maps with some form of on-the-ground potential, even if it’s a zero mastery level with no mission stories or anything, however IO finally responded to such an idea last month and said in their belief any map designed to try and be both sniper and sandbox wouldn’t work as either; despite them in the very next sentence of the stream saying they’ve been interested in having Sniper co-op where one person is on the ground and one is sniping.

This is also despite the fact they have made a Sniper Assassin map out of the Colorado Sandbox level (“The Vector”, Patient Zero campaign)

So I would say in future if they don’t make any notable changes to the gameplay and missions of the gamemode, they should pursue Sniper Assassin only in the Colorado style; converting existing maps for the mode. It should be a much better compromise than making all new maps from scratch which barely anyone plays. There is no possible way that removing the Colorado water tower, adding in a relay tower, changing lighting and some textures, and placing in ‘accident’ and ‘hiding’ objects was any where near as much work as creating Hantu Port from scratch.

I could imagine looking down on Miami from one of the skyscrapers (So long as you remove the big shade cloths), Sgail could have some potential (Maybe they’d need to add in a lighthouse to snipe from?), if they don’t give us the Hawke’s Bay bonus mission we all crave maybe you could be out on a yacht and sniping people on the beach and in the house (Seeing as there’s windows everywhere)? I’m just spitballing here. And who knows what maps they’ll come up with for H3, they could come up with areas which would perform better as future sniper missions. Also they should port over the Absolution Sniper Challenge mission as a free sniper map in 2020 when there’s not much content being released.

Tl;dr - If the gamemode/missions don’t notably change then it should only be continued by converting Sandbox maps into the future.


i agree with ur post, but these statements don’t contradict each other. having a fun concept in mind doesn’t really equate to feasibility.