The Garden Shed (Gardening Thread) 🌱

Welcome to the Garden Shed!

Ironically, playing a game (like Hitman) where we end lives—how about a thread where we create it?

A thread for people who love caring for plants! Do you have a garden? What are you growing? Any vegetables? Or perhaps you have some indoor plants that you care for.

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Whatever it is, use this thread to show them off. Take photos of your plant and show everyone the progression of its growth over time. Offer any advice to each other for caring of a specific plant; such as— Watering, temperature, sunlight, feeding, when to upgrade to a new pot, etc…

So grab your gloves, trowels, and watering cans and let’s make this thread GROW into something beautiful!


Well I recently bought a Aloe Vera plant

Doesn’t require that much care and also has many healing benefits.

My plant (almost 2 weeks old now)

If anyone is interested in this type of plant



i have a very curious Cat so… no Plants for me.


Well from what I recall, you don’t have to water a cactus often. It can go months without water, but only watering it twice in the span of two years? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: yeah lol it’s a mystery it’s still going. Perhaps water it again right now.


Some number of years back (I don’t recall, 5 maybe?) I built a self-wicking raised bed garden. It’s a raised garden bed, but it has a gravel reservoir in the bottom to hold water and supply any plants that are in the bed (instead of watering them every couple of days or whenever). And the year after that I built a regular raised bed garden. These are 4 feet by 8 feet, and 6 to 8 inches high. The wicking g.b. was a foot high… I made them from cedar boards, wire mesh on the bottoms, and landscape fabric.

Anyway, I did have some tomatoes, chili peppers, zucchini squash, onions, and some watermelons… Maybe a few other things I can’t recall atm.

Sadly, those beds are still there, but are over-grown on their weeds and foreign plants. I keep wanting to either get them weeded and try to start over. Or just take them apart and put the soil and vegetation that’s in them into a compost pile to use at a later date.

And before that I tried doing the hydro-ponic thing. I didn’t realize how you were supposed to mix the nutrients until well after I had given up on the whole deal. A few people that I told about it made these idiotic jokes about me growing “weed” in my bathtub. I actually tried to grow some chili peppers… From seeds. I had the bubbler/aerator, 3 big plastic crates to hold the water, net pots, those little clay pebbles (hydroton), a small fogger… I even had water purity checkers, a thing to check the PH level of the water, etc. etc. It was really more trouble than it was worth, and in the end - I was just wasting my time since I never really did it correctly. :persevere:

There are 3 nutrient solutions. Which ones you use depend on the growth level of your plants.

The trouble or confusion I was having with these was the warning that says not to mix the them or they will (I can’t remember what the word is). So, I was only using 1 nutrient at a time. Apparently, you CAN mix them, you just have to let them sit for a short time. Then they can be added to your tubs (water holders) so your plants can get nutrients for growing and fruiting (for example).

Fast forward to today. I did get some pepper plants from my boss. I’m not sure if they’re just bell peppers, or some kind of hot chili. He’s of Indian descent (India the continent, not “Native American”). So I’m kinda expecting them to be hot. I have them in small planters on my porch, about 12 plants.

So yeah. That’s it for me as far as gardening goes. :unamused:


I’ve been working with this guy called Jorge on growing a certain plant in a Columbian jungle


I grow tomatoes

and weed


Bruv - move to France. They’ve got tomatoes, good wine, nice cheese, and plus everyone speaks English even though they pretend not to

Then move to Italy and join the tomato mafia

I bought the seeds for these around this time last year; I still have no idea what they actually are as I just bought them without really investigating further than the picture. Although there aren’t as many now (being that it’s Winter in Australia), this is what they looked like last Summer:


Good thread! My garden’s a pain in the arse. Plenty of lawn to cut front, back and side (I’m not implying I live in a mansion) I’m currently re-growing & treating large area’s of my turf, if it turns out good ill post some photo’s as I already have some before photos, if it ends up black like last year I wont bother :joy:

Don’t have any plants as such. Moving early next year so hopefully get somewhere with a bit of a project garden. I’ve always wanted to grow my own vegetables so hopefully find somewhere where I can get a little vegetable patch.

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So it’s been 44 days since I posted my first photo of my Aloe Vera plant.

And this is it today…
(It may appear smaller but that’s because I didn’t get as close with camera as last time. There has definitely been some growth since then though.

The far right side of the plant is a bit brown as you can see in the photo above. That is because my wife broke off that piece a while back when she accidentally burned herself on our stove and used it to soothe the burn.

I think I’ll wait a little bit longer for the next photo update, but I’m happy to see it’s growing nicely so far. I’m also gonna have to transfer the plant into a bigger pot soon it seems.