The ghost of janus past

I cant get “the ghost of janus past” challenge to pop after trying it multiple ways and following YT videos, anyone got any suggestions on how to do it ?

Don’t kill or stun the female doctor in the morgue when changing janus clothes


This is a known bug on PC, something to do with saves. I couldn’t get it to pop either

I am finished with this challenge. Don’t kill or stun the female doctor in the morgue when changing janus clothes (Because the target will call the female doctor), Then wait until the target is called at the picture location, then scare her
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Nice one wolf, I didn’t kill or stun the nurse like you said, just took janus disguise and jumped out on her as she walked past my hiding place and it popped.
btw I,m on ps4
Thanx dude

Yes, thank you @wolf12

You da man!

I’m on Xbox. I didn’t stun the woman in the morgue and the challenge isn’t popping. I followed MrFreeze2244’s method, up near the Hyperborean show, turn on the radio, she comes in the room. Does it, maybe, have to be at a “correct” location? The challenge picture indicates somewhere specific.

I took out the guards (unnoticed) in the morgue , put down a weapon so the nurse goes for help and took the disguise while she was away, then went and found the target and jumped out on her

I’d got the disguise in a similar way; two guards taken out by pressing the boiler and fusebox, KO, then after hiding them in the box nearby. Then press both buttons, the third guard and the woman go to investigate at the same time, nip out and get the disguise (I ended up SA). Went off, killed the first one by hiding at the wake, then picked up the MrFreeze2244 video at that point. He did more or less the same thing up to that point, then I went with his video. It shows the challenge popping but it didn’t for me. The only difference I could see was that her bodyguard entered the room just behind her for Freeze but she was alone for me (for whatever reason). I reloaded (maybe that’s the problem?) several times to no avail. Got the one for killing both of them while dressed up in the burial robe but not the one for spooking her. I’ll have a go without reloading but failing that - where is the “correct” location (ie, the one indicated in the challenge picture)? Looks to me like the challenge picture is a mirror so I’ll also try and find that room.

Just go straight to the morgue first, (don’t interfere with any NPC’s on the way) stealth choke all the guards and hide bodies, get the nurse to turn away (use a discarded pistol or coin) or what you do best, grab the Janus disguise

I went straight up the stairs from the morgue, across the glass bridge and waited on the bridge till I see her (with instinct) walk close to the other side of door, then I walked in and faced her, job done for me

obviously don’t worry about getting spotted or killed at that point seeing as you only want the challenge to pop (do a save before you jump out on her) and if and when the challenge pops just reload the save and go lay in the coffin to do that challenge or whatever you need to do

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Okay, thanks, I’ll give that a go.

Yep, thanks, worked for me. I suspect it’s related to reloading, that’s probably why it didn’t work before.

Thank you man) I :heart: you​:muscle::+1::+1::nail_care::nail_care::nail_care: